Thinking About How to Connect Airpods to Mac? Know It in Just a Few Steps

how to connect airpods to mac

Wireless earbuds have become a trend during this present scenario, and what tops the charts are the Airpods. Airpods are much preferred while working out and sweating at home, outdoors, or at a gym. Thus, having reliable headphones that are manageable and easy to set up is indispensable, and to that end, Apple’s AirPods serves as the best pair of earbuds. Let’s see how to connect airpods to mac.

From the canopy of the Airpods to the ear cushions, every part of it is meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding acoustic performance for its users. AirPods are entirely wire-free earphones that possess a W1 chip inside for easy pairing between devices.

One quirk that gets to our mind is how to connect AirPods to Mac? AirPods‌ work like magic, and also they’re easy to set up. However, the undertaking may not be intuitive to every Airpod user. So here are some quick, easy-to-digest instructions to pair up your Airpods to Mac.

  • AirPods can connect to a Mac easily by simply using the Bluetooth on your Macbook.
  • Airport can connect to the Mac or iPhone through the volume menu.
  • In order to connect your AirPods with both your iPhone and Mac, you must make sure that they’re logged in to the same Apple ID or icloud account.
  • AirPods are not necessarily fixed to a single device, it can connect to many other devices, that include your Mac.

How to Connect AirPods to Mac?

  • You just need to open up the lid to your ‌AirPods‌ charging case.
  • Simultaneously you just need to hold the ‌AirPods‌ case with an open lid next to your ‌iPad‌, iPhone or mac.
  • Power on your mac, iPhone or iPad and go to the Home screen or the main screen.
  • Your iOS device will acknowledge the ‌AirPods‌ , and you’ll notice a pop-up to connect your ‌AirPods‌.
  • Tap the button “Connect.”
  • It will notify you to press and hold on the back button of the ‌AirPods‌ case.
  • Press it for a few seconds, and then a pop-up on your ‌iPhone‌ will notify you that Airpods are connecting.
  • After the connection is complete, the pop-up will illustrate the battery life for both the ‌AirPods‌ and the case.
  • As the AirPods‌ link to your iCloud account, so once you pair them with one device, they will appear in the other devices too.
  • You can swap connections between your devices through the standard Bluetooth settings options, as the ‌AirPods‌ displays on any device that you’re signed into with your ‌iCloud‌ account.

Two mains concerns that comes to our mind while connecting the Airpods to Mac, counting upon how you’re already using the AirPods, are :

How to Connect Airpods to My Mac If I Don’t Use Them on My iphone?

Airpods can be paired directly to your Mac if they aren’t paired to your iPhone or mac before.

  • Don’t take out the AirPods from their charging case, just open the lid of the case.
  • A Pop up flash light will be displayed when you press the and hold the power button on the back of the charging case for a few seconds.

how to connect airpods to mac


  • In the menu bar of your Mac, click on the System Preferences.

how to connect airpods to mac


  • Next you need to click the bluetooth option in the System Preferences window.

how to connect airpods to mac


  • A list of Bluetooth devices will be displayed on your Mac then locate the AirPods you like to pair with the Mac and then click the connect icon.

how to connect airpods to mac


  • Thereupon then Airpods will come up at the top of the bluetooth device list and will pair.

How to Connect Airpods to My Mac If I Don’t Use Them on My iphone?

Your AirPods can automatically connect to your Mac if the Mac uses the same Apple ID or the cloud ID as your iPhone.

In this case, you’ll need to follow the following steps:

  • Open your AirPods charging case simply like you do to connect them to your iPhone.
  • On your Mac, you see a speaker-like button which is the volume button. So, simply click the Volume button in the menu bar at the top of your screen.
  • Then select your Airpods in the Output Device Section of this menu bar.

These few simple and easy steps can make you connect your Airpods to your Mac effortlessly.

If you have difficulty in how to connect AirPods to Mac, then there are a few things you can undertake on to resolve the problem:

  • The primary aspect is to make sure that your Mac is up to date. You’ll probably require a macOS Sierra or any later version to install the first-generation AirPods and the macOS 10.14.4 or later versions for second-generation AirPods.
  • If the AirPods already persist in your Bluetooth device list and still won’t connect. Just discard them from the bluetooth list and pair them with your Mac again.
  • Find your AirPods in the Bluetooth device list and then click the X icon to its right side and then again repeat the pairing process. Again click the X to remove a device from your Bluetooth settings.
  • If these methods still don’t work then you can reset your AirPods and try to reconnect again. To reset your AirPods, you must press and hold the power button at the backside of the AirPods charging case for at least a few seconds until the status light starts to blink.

Another reason that your Airpods don’t connect to Mac is the battery life.

  • Very often, AirPods won’t connect to your Mac due to its low battery.
  • Then the AirPods need to get charged to pair up and work. The immediate way to do this is to place your AirPods in the charging case and then plug the cable of AirPods into the case and other ends into a USB port or an adapter. Wait for a few minutes or let the AirPods charge, and then try pairing them up again.

Check your Bluetooth connectivity if your Airpods don’t pair up.

  • Pairing up your Airpods may seem extremely easy as the AirPods connect to your iPhone, mac and other devices using Bluetooth. Bluetooth devices must be close enough to each other in order to connect. Try to keep the two devices quite close together for a better connection.
  • AirPods connect to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac over Bluetooth. So to connect your Mac to Airpods, the Bluetooth must be on. Check out whether the bluetooth of your Mac is on or not.
  • If the Bluetooth of your Mac is already on and still your AirPods didn’t connect then just reset the Bluetooth on your phone. After this, try to tap the Bluetooth to turn it on and try reconnecting your AirPods to your mac again.

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Does the Next Doubt Appear If Your iOS Version Is Up-To-Date?

how to connect airpods to mac


Most of the time when you restart your device the Airpods don’t get paired up again and the issue concerning can be the software update of your Mac or iPhone.

It’s very important to make sure that your Mac,iPhone or iPod are operated by the latest versions of their software. As software update is very crucial to fix bugs and to bring about significant changes in the software. 

However, if these steps still don’t work, then skip to the next solution.

Try to Reconnect AirPods to your Mac.

If all these methods fail then try to reconnect your Airpods to your Mac.

All you need to do is to make sure all the following things are already kept into consideration:

  • Ensure your Mac is running the latest operating system.
  • Bluetooth is on in your device.
  • The airport is in the charging case, and the battery is fully charged.
  • Keep the AirPods inside and close the AirPod case and wait for a few moments.
  • All you need to do is open the lid of the can again and notice if white light flashes which tells that the Airpods are ready to connect. 
  • If the Airpods doesn’t connect and the status light doesn’t blink then press and hold the power button present on the AirPods case until the status light flickers white, orange, and then white.

For connecting your AirPods again on a Mac, follow these very simple steps:

  • At the top left corner of your mac click on the Apple menu you’ll have an option of System Preferences. Next, you’ll need to click the System Preferences option.
  • Then you’ll need to Click Bluetooth.
  • After that, Single-click your AirPods and click the X next to them.
  • The pop-up window will appear, and you’ll need to click Forget Device.
  • It discards the AirPods from your Mac. Reconnect the Airpods the same way you performed it while connecting it earlier.


These steps are the ultimate guide to help you out your Airpods to Mac. These steps are simple and get executed within a few seconds. Once this setup function is complete your ‌AirPods‌ will re-pair to your iOS device whenever you open up the case lid of the Airpods. This process of re-pairing grabs just a few seconds, so your ‌AirPods‌ are essentially ready to pair whenever you pull them out.

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