How to Connect Airpods to iPhone? A Complete Guide to Know

how to connect airpods to iphone

Sometimes it can be hard to say why your AirPods are not connecting with your supported Apple devices or iPhones. There is various reason behind this. Sometimes your AirPods don’t get a response from Bluetooth, so you have to check them manually. Let’s see how to connect airpods to iphone. 

This guide will tell you all you need to know about AirPods and how to manually and automatically connect AirPods to the iPhone.

Why Are AirPods Not Connecting?

If your AirPods are not connecting or they continue to connect & disconnect frequently, and you don’t know how to pair AirPods to iPhone. Then one thing is sure a few things influence this behavior on your AirPods, like:

  • Connecting bugs issues & code error  
  • Week signal strength
  • Firmware needs to be updated
  • AirPods are running on low battery
  • The device you are trying to connect your AirPods is running on low battery
  • Your device is unable to pair 
  • Or is it already paired with some other device

Many possible things can be resisting your AirPods from being connected. In rare cases, we have also seen that dusty and unclean AirPods prevent establishing a good wireless connection. 

Please also ensure that both devices are up-to-date and have the latest supported firmware. So, make you both Apple devices are updated.

How to Connect Your Airpods to an iPhone?

If your AirPods are new and are free of any technical fault, you can ideally connect them with your Apple device or pair them with Bluetooth easily with your iPhone. 

In case your AirPods have been a bit old and are not pairing with your iPhone, follow the below steps in which we will discuss in depth how to connect AirPods to iPhone and other Apple devices.

Follow The Steps 

  • If your AirPods are not connecting or disconnecting continuously, put your AirPods back in the case and close it for 2-4 minutes.


  • Next, you will need to go to your iPhone home screen. You could press the home button on older iPhone devices but swipe upwards to enter the home screen if you acquired a new iPhone.


  • Clear all recent apps working on your iPhone and restart your mobile.
  • Once your iPhone gets restarted, unlock it and put it closer to the AirPods case. Open your AirPods case while keeping it still and near to iPhone or pairing device.


  • Once you open the case, it will show the AirPods setup option on your iPhone device. A “Connect” message will pop up on your iPhone device.


  • Tap on it to connect your AirPods.
  • Once you open the AirPods case near the iPhone, it will automatically show you the setup. A “Connect” message will pop up on your device. Tap on it, and it will connect your AirPods to your device. You will see a guide once you tap “Connect” and press “X” to dismiss it.



If you want your AirPods to be connected to your iPhone or whenever you turn them on, they automatically pair with your iPhone, then you have to follow the instructions which you will get once to tap “Connect.”

How to Manually Connect Your AirPods to an iPhone?

If your AirPods are in good shape, you don’t need to put extra effort into connecting your AirPods with an Apple device. In a few rare scenarios, you might need help to pair your AirPods with a compatible device. 

However, if you encounter the pairing issue and want to know how to pair AirPods with iPhone and if your AirPods are not connecting automatically with your paired device, then follow the manual method to connect your AirPods.

  1. Shut down your AirPods entirely and put them back in their case.
  2. Let your AirPods charge for a few minutes, and until then, power off your iPhone.
  3. Now turn on your iPhone, keep it on the home screen, and place it near the AirPods case.
  4. Press the  button on your AirPods and hold it for 10-15 seconds until the status light flashes “white.”
  5. Open your iPhone setting panel and turn on your Bluetooth. It will start scanning for your AirPods. Once your AirPods pop up, tap on them to pair & connect them successfully. 

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What to Do When Your AirPods don’t Connect?

Sometimes you get caught in a situation where your AirPods stop working. You need to learn how to sync AirPods to iPhone or don’t connect with any of your paired devices. It does matter if your AirPods are new or old. Mainly this situation occurs when your AirPods are damaged more.Click here to know how to connect airpods to iphone. 

This can be a significant technical fault that might happen if your AirPods drop down and get damaged, or somehow water or any other liquid substance gets in them. But if you are sure nothing serious happens to your AirPods, below are some tips and tricks that can be handy in fixing your AirPods’ important question, how to connect Airpods pro to iPhone?

Here are a Few Critical Tips That Can Help You

If your AirPods are giving you a tough time while connecting to your iPhone or you need to learn how to link AirPods to iPhone, follow the tips below to help solve your problems.

Turn Bluetooth on and Off


If your AirPods are not connecting, starting with a simple solution can sometimes change a lot. 

Turn off the Bluetooth from your Apple device after 2-3 minutes. Then turn your Bluetooth again and try to reconnect with your AirPods again. Keep your AirPods on. Just turn off & on your Apple device Bluetooth.

Disable Low Power Mode


Before you try to connect your AirPods, kindly make sure your AirPods are fully charged and the pairing device. 

If any of your devices are running low on battery, it will not connect to either pair. Check the battery status; if any device runs low, you better charge it first.

Disable the Power Saving Mode

Some devices have an automatic function of saving batteries so the user can use the primary function on mobile for a longer time, which increases battery health and working time. 

During save mode, your device prohibits the other apps and paired devices from working in the background. So turn off power saving mode and try to reconnect the AirPods.

Switch the Sound Output on Your Iphone to Your Airpods


Consider this a human error because we often find ourselves in such a condition if we play anything on our AirPods through our iPhones but cannot hear any sound. Your AirPods may already be connected to another device, so you must remember to unpair them.

Check your other devices and log in with your same Apple ID because if any other Apple device has the same ID, it will automatically pair your AirPods if they disconnect from one device. 

Disconnect Other Bluetooth Devices from Your Iphone


iPhone Bluetooth functions are suitable to be praised. Bluetooth could connect the available devices in the blink of an eye if you paired them in the past. 

So if your AirPods are ready to pair but cannot connect with Bluetooth, some Bluetooth devices may connect with your iPhone before your AirPods do.

Reset Your AirPods


If you have multiple Apple devices in use and you often connect the AirPods with your different Apple devices, then sometimes the stored data settings can mess up while trying to pair to other devices. The best option is to factory reset your AirPods and forget all the paired devices with the AirPods. 

Update Your iPhone


If your AirPods are not connecting and frequently blinking the light, the device you are trying to connect with is outdated and needs updating. Check out for the update or the latest version on Apple devices. iOS 13 or above is required to pair with AirPods, so make sure you are using the latest version.


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Can I Connect My Airpods to an Apple Watch?

Yes! You can connect your AirPods with your Apple watch. To make a stable connection, ensure your AirPods are in good shape and ready to pair with your Apple watch. Now open the setting in your watch, press the audio output icon, and select your watch.

How to Use Airpods with Multiple Devices?

You can automatically connect the AirPods with compatible Apple devices to watch movies or listen to music. Once you successfully connect your Airpods with your iPhone, you can automatically pair your Airpods with other devices like iPad and Mac if the same Apple ID is logged in on these devices. 

How Much Does Apple AirPods Weigh?

AirPods are so light weighted and easy to carry as well. A single piece of AirPod will weigh around 4 grams, and the case alone of AirPods weighs about 38-39 grams. 

AirPod case can holds a charging capacity of at least 5 hours, and if you charge AirPods for a minimum of 15 minutes, it can last long for at least 2-3  hours.

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