How to Boost Internet Speed? Know the Simple Tips and Tricks

How to Boost Internet Speed

Today, our lives are almost impossible to the thought of without tech devices and gadgets. The lifeline of these devices is the internet. No device is useful if there is no internet connection available.

Our lives are dependent on the internet today as we use it in our day-to-day lives for gathering information, watching videos on YouTube, getting navigation over the Google maps, chatting with friends over WhatsApp, for staying connected socially over Facebook and whatnot.

How to Boost Internet Speed


If the internet speed is down then we feel disappointed and many times this issue happens when the internet speed is going a bit slower than usual. Are you also facing this issue? Then, continue reading the article as we have brought for you some steps which you should follow for accelerating your internet connection.

Don’t worry, we are not going to tell you to upgrade your internet plan but we will make you know How to Boost Internet Speed with some simple tips and tricks.  Before we move ahead, many users were asking us What is a Good Internet Speed? Then, let us inform them that anywhere between 5 Mbps to 10 Mbps is an ideal good speed. Now, let’s continue reading.

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Optimize Your Wi-Fi and Local Network

If you are using Wifi then you should check your local connection once. If your local connection is not at par then the internet connection gets slow.

For fixing this, you have to just to turn off your router and then turn it on again after ten seconds. This is known as power-cycling” your router. This can surely make your internet speed fast. If you have a separate modem device along with the router then do the same for it as well.

How to Boost Internet Speed


In the case of Wifis, it is good to reduce the interference from nearby networks as this can cause the internet speed to reduce. If you are going to buy a new Wifi router anytime soon then you should go for the one with 5 GHz band support as this one results in faster speeds and less interference.

You will see two networks appearing when you try to connect an 802.11ac compatible, dual-band router. Name both these networks accordingly so that you can identify them.

It is very essential for you to update the Wifi software as and when any new release is launched. Just look for Software Update” or something similar and click on it for downloading and installing the new update.

Your speed also gets reduced when you keep your Wifi network open and not password protected. Anyone will be able to hop into your network and use your internet which will make it slow obviously. Use WPA2 (AES) password protection for your Wifi network.

Wired internet connection offers fast speed for sure so you can prefer it instead of a wireless network. If you are preferring wifi then you can make your router move to a new location where you are going to use your laptop or smartphone. This will help boost the internet speed.  

It is good to invest in buying a new router if your router has got old. New routers support fast speed so consider them. Similarly, you should also look for changing your old modem and upgrade it too. Sometimes Internet Speed Booster is also used to boost the speed of internet.

How to Boost Internet Speed


Here are some important tips for how to maintain Internet of Things Security

So, here was a brief overview of how to get Fast Internet speed. Just follow these simple tips and tricks once and we ensure your problem will get solved. Keep following Technographx to get more updates on the same!