How much are you of a survivor: Enjoy the difference in the games when it comes to choose against the royale rumble

Technographx brings to you the variable options among the best of competitive games and the update on the most talked about releasing game. With the most played online game PUBG a new break in the gaming industry is being expected with the fallout 76 beta preload release date which is proposed on 14th of November 2018 as per the announcement at Bethesda’s E3 conference. There have been confirmations that the game won’t release on steam at launch but will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox along with these it will be solemnly available on the Bethesda’s own dedicated launcher. The game has been split into multiple sessions due to which the fallout 76 beta release date has been differentiated on the basis of platform of choice.

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The first round of the release for Xbox one was on October 23 2018 whereas the release date PS4 and PC is October 30th 2018. The version will not be available 24*7 as the team intends on stress test and break by maximising the number of available online players prior to the full launch of the game. The beta version of the game will be available only for the pre-order customers where the basic requirement will be the account where they will have to enter the beta key to start playing. It is an online game which is based on soft core survival where your death does not lose your character or your progression. The best part is you can play it solo, do story stuff and level up as well where your character is not tied to one server and a limit of 24 players per server is setup. There are emotes where you can join your friends as per your requirements and simultaneously your progress goes along with you.

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The game will get free updates and DLC for years after launch with cosmetic microtransactions. The B.E.T.A is a work in progress version of the game as the fallout series is reportedly the most successful series for the developer Bethesda. The emote system of fallout 76 are straight out of Fortnite and PUBG where your selection of emote will be based upon the choice you want to express from the wheels similar to the wheels from games like PUBG and Fortnite.

The Bethesda game studios are well known for the experiences of single player mode but the Fallout 77 mode is multiplayer where the company has disclosed that it has no battle royale games thought of development. The studio has no plans of competing with PUBG or Fortnite. The company has already released the fallout 76 system requirements which are

64 bit processor and OS  with windows 7/8/10 versions64 bit processor with windows 7/8.1/10 versions
Intel Core i5-6600k 3.5 GHz/AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5 GHz or equivalent processorIntel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz/AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 4GB/AMD R9 290X 4GB processor
8GB RAM memory8GB RAM
60GB of free disk space for storage60GB of free disk space for storage


PUBG PC requirement VS Fallout Pc requirement

  • Fallout 76 map is six times larger than that of PUBG
  • Fallout 76 will give hours of hanging up around your base whereas battle royale is all about continuous movement.
  • The basic system specifications of PUBG differs in graphics, direction and requires smaller storage space than fallout