How Many Seasons of Haikyuu Are There [Latest Update]

how many seasons of haikyuu are there

Haikyu!! is a wonderful Japanese anime series that is very popular due to its amazing storyline, powerful direction and animation. It is based on a manga that is equally very popular and more than 50 million copies of it have been sold till date. Story of this series is about a boy named Shoyo Hinata who wants to become a great volleyball player but faces challenges due to his small height. 

Many people ask how many seasons of haikyuu are there? If you are also keen to watch this anime series based on a friend’s recommendation or your personal choice, read on to know the updates we have for this series and come to know the platform as well where you can watch the series. 

How Many Seasons of Haikyuu Are There? 

There are a total 4 seasons released of this anime series. Season 1 was released in 2015 and then S2 and S3 in consecutive years (2016 and 2017). S1 and S2 have 25 episodes each whereas S3 has 10 episodes. S4 is divided into two parts and the first half was released in early 2020 whereas the other half got released in late 2020. S4 has 25 episodes. 

How Many Seasons of Haikyuu are There on Crunchyroll?

how many seasons of haikyuu are there


All seasons are uploaded on Crunchyroll and you can watch any episode anytime using this platform. 

How Many Seasons of Haikyuu are There on Netflix?

It depends on which region you are using Netflix. Some regions are having all seasons on Netflix while some regions have only three seasons and the last one not yet available. Japan is having all the seasons available on Netflix. If your Netflix is not showing all the seasons, you can watch it on Crunchyroll or use a VPN to point to the Japan Netflix region where you can see all seasons. 

When will Season 5 Get Released?

how many seasons of haikyuu are there


There is no official announcement for the release of Haikyuu season 5. Fans can’t wait to hear the news for season 5 as almost one year has passed since season 4 finished. It might be possible that there is a delay in season 5 due to Covid pandemic. The production of season 5 may/may not have begun after season 4 ended. 

Fans who are eager to watch the next season will have to wait till the official announcement comes from the production team. You can read the last volume of the manga series to know the next story. It is interesting to read the Manga series so enjoy reading it to know what happens in the story ahead. 

We are pretty sure that season 5 will be released and the team won’t have any plans to cancel it out as all the previous seasons have remained very successful. The complete anime has won the hearts of many people and they all would love to watch the next season for sure. It is confirmed that season 5 won’t be the last season there is much content with the makers to come with.

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What is the Anticipated Season 5 Plot?

how many seasons of haikyuu are there


It is obvious that season 5 is going to be a blockbuster one with lots of fantastic climaxes and superb direction as there is so much story to be covered. Expect a very good screenplay, awesome storytelling, and thriller volleyball matches for season 5. It is anticipated to see Karasuno versus Nekoma, a high thriller match. Kenma would be an attraction too in the upcoming season. 

Obviously, the main protagonist: Hinata would be the center of attraction but along with that other characters would also play a significant role like Karasuno, Fukurodani etc. Fukurodani and Bokto’s powerful performance will be a must watch in season 5. 

Let’s hope that season 5 will be the best one of all the seasons so you get full-on entertainment. 

That’s it, we hope you now have an idea of the Haikyuu anime series and know how many seasons of haikyuu are there to watch all of them. You can start watching the previous seasons if you haven’t yet and you will enjoy watching them for sure. Go for Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Funimation, any platform you wish to go with, and start streaming the previous episodes. You can read the manga as well if you love reading. Stay tuned to get updates on season 5. 

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