Horimiya anime season 1 was fabulous and it received an overwhelming response from the audience. With an IMDb rating of 8.2/10, all the 13 episodes of season 1 were amazing and were greatly loved by the audience. People loved the romantic chemistry shown in the season between the two main characters and now they want to know will horimiya have a season 2 or not? 

It is obvious that fans would be waiting for the next season and would be excited to know the release date of the same. If you are an avid fan of the series and want to know if horimiya season 2 is going to happen or not, read ahead and you will get to know about it. 

Will There Be Horimiya Season 2?

horimiya season 2 release date

There are less chances of Horimiya season 2 happening because there is no material left for the writers to move the story ahead. Season 1 is based on the manga and it covers the complete story written in the manga. If the writers bring a new story altogether, we would definitely love to see it but as of now, there is not much content left to cover in the season 2. 

There is no secret story left from season 1 that can be revealed in season 2, no surprises, no cliffhangers, nothing! The last chapter of the manga was shown in the last episode, episode 13th of the season 1 so as of now the chances are scarce.

But, let’s not lose hope and wait for an official announcement from the team regarding horimiya anime season 2.

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What is the Plot of Season 1? 

horimiya season 2 release date

This story involves two people: Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. It is a romantic story of how they met, how they came to know about each other and started liking each other and falling in love. 

Kyoko Hori is a beautiful and rich girl whereas Izumi is shy and poor. They two went to the same school but have completely different nature and social status. Both of them are trying to hide their personal life at the school but came to know each other somehow and they disclose each other’s secrets and took a vow to hide it from their classmates. 

Izumi’s life is more adventurous outside school and has many tattoos and earrings pierced in his ears while Kyoko’s parents are working so they are out of the house most of the time so she takes care of her younger brother.

They both meet, talk and have fun together as the story goes ahead and they fall in love with each other. They tell their friends about their relationship and they accept it. This amazing series is a wonderful love story you shouldn’t miss. 

Where to Watch Season 1?

horimiya season 2 release date

If you haven’t watched season 1 yet, you can watch it on Hulu, Netflix (only in Japan), and Funimation (USA).

So, here was an overview of horimiya season 2 and what are its chances of getting released. We will let you know when we have an official announcement from the team for the Horimiya anime season 2, till then, you can watch season 1 if you haven’t, read the manga or go for any other good series!