Technology Is Inevitable To Change Home Security In Many Different Ways

Home Security

The use of technology is seen in almost every aspect of life and business nowadays and home security is one such aspect that uses different kinds of technological devices and systems. In fact, these of technology has changed the home security concept radically. 

You will be amazed to look at some of the latest and most advanced home security systems that you may have thought possible only in Sci-Fi movies. However, it has gradually become a reality now, thanks to the technological development and the digital revolution that has entered into the home security systems.

It is All about Accountability

Modern security technology uses closed camera security systems that mark accountability and reliability. Security systems today have come a long way and you will seldom find those huge and bulky cameras or tape decks anymore that were so common in the past. 

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The modern security technology of today is:

  • Much smaller
  • Sleek in design 
  • More efficient and 
  • It offers far better resolution than even the best in class systems of the past. 

Home Security


In addition to that, modern security technology also offers more and better controls and comes with several innovative features that will provide you with more ways to access those controls than you could before.

In the olden days, the primary and perhaps the only objective to set up a setup security technology was to deter criminals or to the very least capture images of any person to use later. While that demand still remaining high, the modern systems have a much better and stronger focus to provide you with more day-to-day accountability. 

The High Tech Designs

Technology has developed in leaps and bounds and you will see that all businesses and homes have adopted high-tech modern security systems. These systems are able to tell you a lot of things at a time. It will show:

  • Who entered the premises?
  • Which door was used?
  • When did the person enter?

These high-tech security systems can be operated remotely and do not even require keys to open and lock doors, adding a more secured level to your protection. 

  • Modern security systems use key cards that are embedded with special and unique codes for each individual. 
  • This will restrict access to an individual to a certain area if required and grant the same to authorized persons holding the specific key card only.
  • You can monitor all such activities and movements remotely, even by using your smartphone. 

Home Security


All these high-tech security systems work perfectly in any home setting as well as it does in business premises. Using these systems, parents can easily track the movements of their kids at home remotely by using their smartphone that will send a text message or a video clip whenever any one of the members of the family accesses the codes by entering them into these modern high-tech security technology systems.

The Innovative Features

Whether it is for the sites like or your home appliance, your car or your TV. Your phone or even the home security systems, it is the features that make it more useful. When it comes to the home security systems, more than the capturing of images, it is the reporting features that are most important. These features ideally make these security systems much more effective than the common door locks.

Since the needs of every different user are different, these security systems come with different features. It all depends on your needs, choice and how much you are willing to pay when it comes to choosing the best features in your home security systems. Here are a few features that are worth taking into account:

  • Remote monitoring: Undoubtedly, this is the most significant feature you will want your home security system to have. This feature will enable you to keep an eye on your home when you away for your work or even on a vacation, miles away. With this feature, you will be able to receive real-time photos and videos, arm and disarm security systems, stream camera feed, send fire or intrusion alerts and much more.
  • Smart door locks: Since doors offer a wide entry to the intruders, these need to be ’smart.’ The only want to make your door smart is to use smart door locks. These locks use Bluetooth technology in your smartphone to detect your presence and automatically unlock the door for you to enter. It can also connect to your other home automation systems such as the smart thermostat to inform you that you are away so that it enters into an energy-saving mode! However, Wi-Fi locks are better than Bluetooth locks in features, functionality, and security though you will need a constant internet connection for it making it easily vulnerable to online security breaches. 
  • Home sensors: These will sense any movement across its range and open or close a door automatically. You can install these sensors on doors and windows that will sense motion, winks, and waves for determining your identity. You can control these with your smartphone. It will detect movement and will send text or email for a break-in an attempt as well. You can add sirens, visual and audio warnings to it for better security.
  • Smart garage systems: If you plug in a network adapter to your home router and register it with a provider, you will be able to use this app to control your garage door with your smartphone when you are not at home. You will not require the garage keys anymore which you tend to forget often. It will even tell you how long the garage door was open or whether your kid or pet is there while the door is being closed. 

Home Security


Apart from these basic systems and smart cameras, there are also a few other features in security systems that are in the nascent state but is soon destined to be included in the systems. 

With all these, if you need some more reason to switch to a complete home automation system, then you are surely not worried much about your home security. God help you, your home and your family!