Get Ready For Sleepless Nights With These Halloween Movies On Netflix

Halloween Movies On Netflix

The most awaited festival of the year is just around the corner, yes Halloween is just around the corner. The odd rituals and spooky costumes are something everyone enjoys during this eve. If you are planning to abandon the scary costumes and not in the mood for trick and treat but don’t want to leave the festivity spirit, then we got something interesting for you. We got the list of scariest movies on Netflix. Enjoy the shady evening with our Halloween movies on Netflix list exclusively for the soul like you.

Are you ready to scream and spent a few sleepless nights? But before that grab some pillows and popcorn to enjoy the evening thoroughly.


Scream is the best movie to start on Halloween movie’s list. The masked psychopath is ready for his target Sidney Prescott, a high school going girl. Sidney faced the worst face of her fear and truth about murdered and raped mother. Each twist and turn in the story will keep you on the edge. Director Wes has done total justice to the horror genre.

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This is the story of school-going girl Carrie whom her classmates bully her for no reason. This shy girl turned into the most horrific experience at their prom. The celebration soon turns into a grave. What led to this shy girl in such a devil act. Even her mother becomes the victim of the devil inside her. Even Carrie was not rested in peace at her graveyard, you will hear the spooky scream and horrific presence.

The Witch

Witch plays dirty games and is ready for tricks and tips on Halloween evening. The movie Witch is set back in the background of 1630 in New England. The family become prey and blame each other for the misfortune happening in the family. Who do you think is the real culprit? One tip: beware of witches, you might be their next prey.

The Conjuring

The list of the horrific and spooky movie is incomplete without the name of The conjuring. Each move, sound, and act is ready to give the next few sleepless nights. The Paranormal investigator finds themselves landed into something more sinister than a hoax, something big and dangerous was coming their way. Only brave-hearts should dare to watch this movie as it is enough to get shit out of the pant.

The Sixth Sense

The sixth sense is about a boy who can talk to spirits. Yes, young Cole Sear can see and sense the pain of ghosts. Sound ghastly? The dead girl vomiting, dead talking, and unbearable crying. This movie is enough to tear you from inside. This thriller movie is the best choice to watch a movie with friends on Halloween evening.


The most creepy movie that is available on Netflix is Insidious. The new house gives the feeling of fresh breeze and happy vibes but this is not true in the case of this family. They experienced creepy sound out of monitor, bloody handprint in the house and son become the victim of this creepy presence. Would you like to stay at such a place?

Halloween Movies On Netflix


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