Why Guest Posting is Still the Best Methods to Increase the Website Traffic?

Guest Posting

You may have come across the term “Guest Posting” or “SEO” But have you ever given a thought about what they actually mean? I guess most of you might not have after all.

In this current era of technology digital marketing has boomed like anything. Any product or service is available just a click away. Blogging is a part of it that helps you to project yourself over the widespread Internet and connect with people in similar fields. 

Need for Guest Posting

Guest posting can be a great way to connect with other bloggers or experts within your field and build your figure within your market. Guest posting is a two-way street as it’s not only beneficial for the owner of the blog but also for the guest poster.

No matter how good someone’s content or how good he can really write, do you really think he can maintain it for as long as he desires? 

There will be a time when the blogger will reach the threshold of his capacity. Using guest post a blogger can provide his audience with fresh content and a new perspective. 

Guest Posting

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Similarly, guest posting helps an individual to Increase his Reach far and wide which can be really beneficial for him to develop his personality and connect with people sharing his passion.

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 Ready!! Get set!! Go!!!:  

Well most probably the reason for you to get into guest posting is likely going to be one of the following 

  • Establish your image as a “Thought leader” over the internet.
  • Build relationships with other bloggers.
  • Get quality traffic over your website.

Always be careful as the Internet is filled with spam. It’s your job to avoid such type of blogs and preventing them to post on your blog. Once you are done deciding on your goals and your target audience, you can start by finding the relevant websites related to your topic having a certain amount of Followers. The rest depends on your introduction e-mail and your content.

Posting Quality Content

Guest posting is a way through which one can contribute to a blog. Becoming a contributor would require good knowledge and commitment. Making sure that your content is posted on reliable, quality and Reputable Websites is an absolute necessity if you wish to reap the rewards of guest posting afterward.  When you are guest blogging, never let the fact that you are talking to a new audience hinder you from posting your content freely as the main purpose of guest blogging is building relationships with other people. I always recommend people to avoid trying to be someone you are not.

There are a few points that you need to look into while guest blogging 

  • Your author bio will most likely be the place your guest post will link back to so make sure to keep it clear and concise.
  • Always end your post asking readers to comment. Remember more the readers to comment, the more popular your post becomes
  • Promote your guest post on your social media to generate more traffic.
  • Use google analytics to determine what the readers want to hear about by tracking the amount of traffic your guest post generates.
Behind the Scenes

Guest blogging can be an effective way to increase your site’s rank in Google searches using the links that exist back to your site from the blog you are posting on. Behind the scenes, Google works by viewing the amount of attention your site gets. When individuals like, comment or share the link to your blog there are more chances of it moving up in Google’s PageRank, which means it’s more likely to pop up first when some searches a relevant topic.

Share the details regarding your guest post on social media too as it helps in bringing the post inattention. Always keep a track of backlinks of competitors to understand how they generate their backlinks from their posts.

Guest Posting

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 How Guest Posting Helps

There are a lot of ways through which guest posting helps you to grow your business and your image over the internet.

  • Building Relationships

Earlier connecting with people sharing your interest was really a difficult task but now in this era of technology, everything has grown easier. Bloggers are always on the lookout for guest posters as it not only adds more value to their site but also builds a relationship with other bloggers. 

  • Creating your Online Image

Digital marketing depends all on your online authority. Even having great content is not sufficient enough to build a loyal subscriber base out of your general audience. Contributing to blogs that hold authority in your specific field helps you to improve your online authority as someone recognized by trustworthy brands and prove your credibility as an information source.

Guest Posting

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Building the Subscriber Base

  • Feedback from Community

One of the great advantages of guest blogging is that you get the opportunity to receive helpful and insightful feedback from the community. It not only helps you with your blog but also increases your industry insight. I highly recommend people to take a note of the criticism as it will help them to improve the content on their blog.

  • Get Quality Traffic

 A lot of blogs that accept guest posts allow their contributor to leave at least one link to their own website in the bio. Even a single backlink from a blog that holds an authority figure in your field will greatly benefit your SEO. This helps your content to be more discoverable and visible over search engines like Google, Bing, E.T.C. 

Guest Posting

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Traffic Increase through Guest Posting

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