Google Unveils Bard AI: A Direct Rival to ChatGPT (Updated)

Google Unveils Bard AI: A Direct Rival to ChatGPT

The battleground for search supremacy is getting hot day-by-day. Today, Google released Bard AI – its very own conversational AI service powered by LamDA.

Key Points

  • Google releases a brand new conversational AI technology called Bard AI, which will be available for the general public for testing purposes.
  • Google intensified its research by making a succession of statements on its plans for new AI tools and products. All this was done because Microsoft signed a multibillion dollar deal with OpenAI, the company that launched ChatGPT, which was an instant hit among people.
  • Bard AI will provide comprehensive answers to user queries like comparing two oscar-nominated movies or how to plan a sister’s baby shower?” The thing that Bard AI aces over ChatGPT is the fact that it draws information from the web to provide the latest, high-quality responses. 

Google unveiled its very own conversational AI service called Bard AI to counter the progress made by ChatGPT in the search industry. 

Here’s a tweet shared by the search giant to increase curiosity about Bard AI and establish it as a worthy rival to ChatGPT:

One thing that makes Bard AI different from ChatGPT is that it is powered by Google’s large language model LamDA. 

LamDA has been in the news for a long time because of its progressive features. In one of his blog posts, Pichai wrote – The company is slowly but gradually building an experimental conversational AI service powered by LamDA. Today is a huge day as the company is moving to the next stage forward by providing this tool to a handful of trusted testers before launching for the general public.

The company will start the conversational AI technology to a handful of users – trusted testers – in the coming time. After that, it will be made available to the general public. This was quoted in the company blog post

Bard AI was released less than two weeks after Microsoft disclosed its investment in OpenAI, which launched ChatGPT and other tools to write readable text and generate new images. 


In fact, Microsoft announced last month that the company is heavily supporting OpenAI. It has commenced integrating ChatGPT features in its Team platform. In addition, the company plans to adapt the app to its Office Suite and Bing Search Engine. 

This made Google contemplate hard, so they came up with a rival product called Bard AI. The good thing about Bard AI is it simplifies intricate topics like comprehending the James Webb Space Telescope. 

As per the information we have derived from Google, Bard AI will provide in-depth answers to user queries in a conversational tone. It will be in long paragraphs, much like how ChatGPT functions today. 

The good thing about Bard AI, according to Pichai, is that the tool that will be made available to the general public will be much more compact and lightweight, requiring lesser computing power, reaching out to more users, and enabling more feedback. 

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Albeit, the one thing that the blog post fails to answer is whether users can sign up for Bard AI right now. Also, there needs to be specific information on the exclusive features that Bard AI will provide. Instead, these details will get unveiled later on at a special event. 


The Best Way to Use the Google Bard AI Chatbot

Google is trying to improvise its search products and developing a lightweight model version of LaMDA. The very first that you need to do is get selected as a beta tester. Once you become a test candidate to explore the product first, the next step is to start the Google app on your mobile device and click on the chatbot icon. It is similar to ChatGPT. You need to insert your trigger and hit enter! Can it get any simpler than this?

Once you successfully do that, it will enable you to commence a discussion by enquiring about the chatbot queries or fulfilling requests. Google is in pursuit of enhancing the competencies of the chatbot to include the latest and exhilarating ways of interacting with information.  

The Practical Applications of Google Bard AI

There are various ways you can use Google Bard AI chatbot to simplify your life and fill in knowledge gaps. Here are some of them:

Get the right answer promptly

Imagine you have a query, and you ask the Bard AI chatbot. It will use complex AI algorithms to execute a thoughtful and apt answer for your query.

Search for information from different sources

The Bard AI can work efficiently whether you are looking to get a weather report or current sports news.  

Automate tasks

If you are looking to book a restaurant seat or a flight, the Google Bard AI chatbot can help you search for the different options and then purchase it for you. Can it get any bigger than this?

Act as your exclusive AI assistant

Google Bard AI can work as your personal AI assistant and govern your time efficiently. Thus, it will ensure that you never are late for a meeting or fail to remember to complete a crucial task in an activity. 

Works as a social hub

The Google Bard AI chatbot can work like a social network, facilitating smooth interactions between individuals and group settings.

Bard AI v/s. ChatGPT: What Makes Them Different?

One significant difference that sets Google’s Bard AI chatbot different from ChatGPT is Bard AI’s propensity to consider real-time events into account while executing the responses to the queries.  

Here is a look at the other factors that make Bard AI chatbot different from ChatGPT.

Criteria for Difference

Bard AI


Ability to answer real-time questions Google’s Bard AI chatbot will have the ability to answer real-time questions. ChatGPT still does not have the ability to answer real-time questions.
Types of results you can obtain You can obtain regular search results using Google’s Bard AI chatbot by making a minor alteration in your Google account settings. ChatGPT only has the functionality to return text responses till now.
Based on Google’s Bard AI chatbot is based on LaMDA. ChatGPT is based on GPT.
Plagiarism detector Google’s Bard AI still does not have this feature available in the chatbot. ChatGPT possesses its own plagiarism detector, which is called AI Text Classifier.
Premium plan Google’s Bard AI chatbot is entirely free as of now. OpenAI recently launched its paid plan for users known as ChatGPT Plus.

Moving Forward with AI Conversational Tool – Bard AI in Search Domain

Google plans to transform the search domain into deeper insights and understanding. For example, Is piano or guitar easier to learn? How much practice does it require? To completely answer this question, it is imperative to derive a complex set of opinions and perspectives. This is where conversational AI tools like Bard AI can come in handy. 

The search giant has stressed making a huge difference in the lives of people by deploying AI. Hence, they have started to test their AI technology internally to ensure its assistance and safety. However, until they get the desired results, we will have to wait for the availability of Bard AI for the general public.

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