On this World Password Day, Google announced the beginning of the end of the passwords. According to Google, they have started rolling out passkeys which will be the easiest and safest way to sign in to apps and websites.

With this initiative, Google is on its way to making a “passwordless future”.

Well, the good news is you may no longer need to create and remember passwords that you may forget often. (No one could deny the fact that setting up a new password on Google again is time taking and frustrating). 

Gone are the days when you must remember your first school, your pet’s name or answers to questions you barely remember. Or if you have been setting passwords in a particular format, it’s time to say goodbye “password123”. 

So, How Will the “Passwordless” Future Look Like with Google?

Google Make the Future Passwordless

Back last year, Google announced that they would start to support passkeys on their platforms for easier and more secure alternatives to passwords, along with FIDO Alliance, Apple and Microsoft. 

With this new option of passkeys, you can sign in to your Google accounts along with existing options like 2-Step Verifications.

But What Exactly is Passkeys? 

Google Make the Future Passwordless

Source: cybernews.com

In simple words, Passkeys are a way to unlock your Google account with your fingerprint, face scan, or screen lock PIN, the same as how you would have done it for your device. 

The advantage of passkeys is that they are way less likely to be the victim of online attacks like phishing, making them more secure than SMS one-time codes.

Moreover, you can experience Google passkeys on both Chrome and Android. However, you should note that big names like Docusign, Kayak, PayPal, Shopify and Yahoo! Japan already use a similar feature for their users to sign in. 

From today onwards, 4th May 2023, Google account users can start experiencing a passwordless sign-in experience. 

But How to Opt for a Passwordless Sign-In Experience? 

Google Make the Future Passwordless

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If you want to opt for Google passkeys, you can do it by visiting g.co/passkeys and setting it up. 

If you have a Google Workspace account or manage one, you will soon have the option to enable passkeys for your end-users during sign-in. 

Nonetheless, Google says that, like any new beginning, good things take time to roll out, which is why passwords and 2SV are still operable for Google accounts. 

As Google said, you may not need to use your password on the next World Password Day, much less remember it!

On this World Password Day, we wish you a safe and secure online presence. 

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