5 Important Algorithms Of Google For SEO

Want to have a top ranking of the website in the search engine result pages? Then, continue reading the article as Technographx has brought the different Google algorithms for SEO which you must have a look at.

1) Google Panda

 Google Algorithms For SEO

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This is the update that is most likely to strike you as it evaluates the websites on the basis of the quality of the content. The pages having high-quality content are rewarded with the higher ranking in the search engine result pages.


 Google Algorithms For SEO

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Make sure that you are having the web pages with proper grammar. The images on the page should be of good quality. The website should be serving the purpose of the visitors coming to it. Never use the duplicate text, always use the original content.

2) Google Penguin

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It is another algorithm that is most likely to hit you. This algorithm is having a lot common with Panda but it evaluates the websites for their link profiles.


 Google Algorithms For SEO

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The dubious links from unknown sources will definitely impact your website so make sure you put only the links of good sources. It is a part of Google’s core algorithm since late 2016. It works in real time, unlike Panda.

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3) Hummingbird


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This algorithm was launched on August 22, 2013, and it checks for low-quality content and keyword stuffing in the website. The algorithm helps Google to interpret the search queries in a better way and provide the search results accordingly.


 Google Algorithms For SEO

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This algorithm makes it possible for a page to rank even for the queries that don’t contain the exact matching words entered by the searcher. It is achieved using the natural language processing which relies on synonyms, latent semantic indexing, and co-occurring terms.

4) Pigeon

 Google Algorithms For SEO

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This algorithm named Pigeon was launched on July 24, 2014. The hazards of this algorithm are poor on and off page SEO.


 Google Algorithms For SEO

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This algorithm affects those searches where the location of the user plays an important role. It creates a closer tie between the core and local algorithm.  You should invest in both on- and off-page SEO for getting a high ranking of the website.

5) RankBrain

 Google Algorithms For SEO

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This algorithm was launched by Google on October 26, 2015. The hazards are poor UX, lack of query-specific relevance features and shallow content. It is part of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm.


 Google Algorithms For SEO

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This algorithm helps Google to understand the meaning behind the queries and serves the best-matching search results.

So, these were the different types of google algorithm which you should understand properly for getting a very good website ranking.

 Google Algorithms For SEO

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