You want to get more likes on Instagram, right? How to blame you, this is one of the essential conditions for measuring the success of a content marketing strategy. Wait, that’s not quite the case. In the sense that the useful indicators are quite different.

Calculating the ROI of a social media marketing action is not easy and you certainly can’t base everything on the techniques to get more likes on Instagram. But it is also true that this metric can be a good indicator for evaluating your business, and the taste of followers who like your work or not.

So, Likes aren’t the only number to rate. But it is clear that having many likes can be a good starting point for evaluating engagement, the involvement of the public. How to set this virtuous process in motion? You can get more free Instagram followers on Instagram by yourself.

Use the Right Hashtags for Photos

This is the first of the tips to get more likes on Instagram, perhaps the most important. Hashtags are labels that you use to characterize your shots, and at the same time make sure that the published contents are found in photo collections that have the same word preceded by the hashtag.

How to choose the best hashtags? A good rule of thumb is to aim for a good balance between generic hashtags and more specific ones, always trying to use elements that can describe the content. In certain cases, when you have the possibilities and needs, use local hashtags.

One of the most powerful Instagram hashtag tools is Tagboard: it is paid but it also gives good results for other platforms. Also, you can use apps to manage these words which can do a lot for your online work. My favorite ones: Best HashTags for Instagram and Top Tags for Instagram.

Build Good Relationships with the Public

Have you increased your Instagram followers and free Instagram likes? A good starting point, good. But now you have to make another move on the chessboard: create good relationships. Because social networks are just for this, you have to make sure that discussions, comparisons, and interactions are created and nurtured.

This is the secret (if we really want to call it that) to be successful on Instagram. Or at least to take the first steps towards good results.

A tip: use the call to action in the captions to increase the interaction. The calls to action, in fact, attract the attention of the public and suggest the action to be taken. An example: “Do you like this photo? Leave a comment or a tap on the image to leave a Like “.

Don’t Forget About Tags and Geolocations

Get More Likes on Instagram

Along with hashtags you have to take into account two important elements: geolocation, to make sure that your photo is associated with a place, and the tags of people who are present in the photo. Or brands that can connect to your shot. The watchword is clear: to involve.

Focus on Comment Marketing

Creating good relationships with your audience is only the first step of the social strategy. The second is about your comment marketing business, namely writing comments under photos of people who might be interested in your work. And the content you deal with on your Instagram profile.

There are many bots and apps that automatically leave comments and likes. this way you entice the audience to go to your profile and do the same. Could this be a way to get a like on Instagram? They are shortcuts and you know what I think of these solutions: I prefer to do everything firsthand.

It is true that more time needs to invest, but the quality of the interaction will be higher. And you will have followers who are really interested in what you are posting, this is a capital to exploit to get more likes on Instagram for free. By the way, have you already focused attention on the quality of the photos and videos?

Publish Only High-Quality Content

Get More Likes on Instagram

It may seem like a logical enough starting point: on Instagram, you have to post valid content to get more Likes. But what does this mean in practice? There are theories that speak of colors more pleasing to the public and filters that manage to get more Likes. The truth is that everything has to be confirmed.

You have to use statistics to understand what is successful with your audience and what is not, to cut out what is not needed, and to implement an editorial calendar of content that meets the pleasure of the public. But all this you have to do with the help of data, numbers. For this, you can use Onlypult.

There are dozens of tools to manage Instagram from desktop, but Onlypult is my favorite tool. It gives you the ability to upload photos and videos and manage multiple accounts. With a minimum expense, you can schedule posts and have well-structured statistical reports. So you can understand what you need to publish to meet the public’s favor. And get more likes on Instagram and get more followers.

Another tool you could use, all Italian, is Spidwit. Currently, it does not natively support the publication on Instagram, but if you have a Buffer account you can connect it and use Spidwit for what is its strong point: suggesting content and helping you in the creation of quality graphic content.

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