Nowadays, most of us realize how much Instagram is essential for reaching a broader audience. Hence, to get more online sales, you would have to, undoubtedly, use a methodology to showcase your Shopify store on Instagram.

The entire process would increase more traffic to your page, and hence, you would gain more profit. However, it needs extreme dedication and lots of effort to gain more organic followers and experience more engagement on your posts on Instagram.

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Furthermore, using Instagram is not just about posting pictures of your store; it means creating engaging content, offering amazing deals to your audience, and building a strong bond with your target audience. Let’s look at how you can use Instagram to reach a larger audience!

Steps to Gain More Audience for Your Shopify Store with Instagram

1. Promote Your Store


The promotion of your Shopify store doesn’t indicate forcing the audience to purchase from your site. You must have a solid strategy planned out, focusing more on creating content related to your store and not just selling the products.

Hence, your aim must be a lot more than just gaining more buyers; it has to create awareness of your store to a lot more audience than usual.

Your posts have to be both informative and entertaining. Moreover, with the help of an instagram marketing company, you would gain more insight into creating appropriate content. Hence, that would lead to successful online promotion. Here are some ways to effectively promote your Shopify store on Instagram:

  • You need to understand the necessities of your target audience and how to use your products to catch their eyes. Hence, all the images must contain a well-written caption which focuses on the highlights and specifications of your work.
  • Create a personalized motto of your brand, like a small quotation that makes your store unique from the others. Make sure to include the customized message of your brand on every post, either on the image or on the caption.
  • It is always an effective way to interact more with your audience. Most people look for inspirational and success stories, and letting them know how you took the first step towards creating your brand would be an excellent way to make them interested in your store.

2. Interact More With Your Audience


Using Instagram is not only about posting images or videos about your Shopify store, but it is also about communicating with your audience. Here are some ways to create a strong bond with your followers:

  • Never ignore comments on your social media posts. Make sure to reply to each one of them in an amicable tone. Moreover, you can attach a call-to-action at the bottom of your comment, which would lead them to your site.
  • You must remember to politely reply to each one of the questions asked by your audience. Even if the other person behaves arrogantly or is impolite, you must never be rude to your potential customers.
  • Moreover, the best way to attract more audience is by providing them with special offers or coupons to your followers. You can add a little coupon code for them in the comments, which would inevitably lead to a steady increase in sales.

3. Use Appropriate Hashtags


Usage of accurate hashtags is a fantastic way to promote your store successfully on Instagram. Moreover, you can also create a separate hashtag for your brand, which would also prove beneficial for your business.

Now, you might wonder why creating a customized hashtag is essential for reaching a broader audience. Well, to begin with, it becomes effortless for Instagram users to know more about your posts and products with a personalized hashtag.

Here are some easy and practical ways by which you can use hashtags for promoting your store:

  • First and foremost, it needs thorough research to know which hashtags would be accurate for your store. Once you get a full list of the effective hashtags, make sure to use them at the end of your caption on every Instagram post.
  • Don’t forget to follow each of the hashtags, too. This would help you to know about other brands and their content. Also, you can comment on their posts and let people know about your account on Instagram.
  • Moreover, you would also be able to build meaningful relationships with other brands and stores, which might lead to getting a “shout out” on their Instagram stories if you do the same for them.

4. Promote through Social Media Influencers


One of the most effective methods, social media influencing, promotes one’s brand on Instagram. With the increased numbers of influencers on various social media platforms, they help you in several ways, such as:

  • They create more awareness about your Shopify store on their Instagram pages and showcase your brand to a big audience online.
  • They help you in increasing more traffic to your online store, which leads to more sales.
  • Shopify has its personalized application, popularly known as Carro, a platform for you to look for more social media influencers. In the app, you can connect with them through direct messages, and you can easily collaborate with them to promote your brand.
  • Once the influencers begin promoting your brand on Instagram, you would see a rise in traffic to your store and also more organic followers on your social media pages. This would help you in creating more networks online.

If you switch your account on Instagram to a business one, you get some added options on your profile. One of these options includes the facility to have your website’s link on the bio. Here are a few ways by which you can promote your store through the link option on Instagram bio:

  • You can add the link to your Shopify store directly on the bio.
  • However, if you wish to lead your followers to another page that highlights your products, you can also do that.
  • You can also add a suggestion/feedback form link on the bio to know more about the requirements of your target audience.


Though you might get overwhelmed with so much information, promoting your Shopify store on Instagram is not that hard. To reach a larger audience, the fundamental objective must be on creating a strategy that would lead to more promotion of your products.

To gain more real followers and likes, it is better to seek help from an Instagram agency to get more information about the procedure. Start slowly to reach your heights effectively!

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