5 Geeky Gadgets for Golfers

Gadgets for Golfers

We all know that golf is the greatest sport ever invented, which is why it’s one of the oldest sports in the world still being played, and why the number of people participating in it is still increasing year by year. Many of us also love our gadgets and technology, which is why there aren’t many gifts better than golfing gadgets, whatever the occasion. The market in gadgets for geeky golfers has grown greatly in recent years, which means there’s something to suit everyone and to suit all budgets. With so many to choose from, here’s our selection of five of the very best golfing gadgets.

1. Golf Launch Monitor

Gadgets for Golfers

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If you like golfing gadgets that utilize the very latest in high technology, then a golf launch monitor is sure to tick all the right boxes. They allow you to practice your drive even when you’re at home so that you can enjoy the sport you love whatever the weather brings. Just as importantly, they provide unbeatable feedback on your swing, allowing you to develop a drive that goes further and with more accuracy. There are many different kinds of golf launch monitors, from portable monitors to sophisticated golf simulators, so you’ll be able to find one that perfectly meets your needs. You can find a highly rated golf launch monitor at sites like Rain Or Shine Golf, allowing you to get a great gadget at a great low price.

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2. Advanced Indoor Putting Greens

Gadgets for Golfers

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Launch monitors and golf simulators are the perfect way to improve your driving indoors, but as every golfer knows, it’s putting that really makes a difference to your final score. That’s why indoor putting mats and devices that return your ball to you have long been popular. Recent years, however, have seen something even more useful – indoor putting greens. These are large putting mats which have a number of holes on them, and which contain an artificial turf surface which plays very much like the real thing. These high-tech mats can have wicked angles and testing gradients, so you’ll soon learn how to cope with all that a real-life green can throw at you.

3. Laser Aligner

Gadgets for Golfers

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Putting practice, indoors using one of the latest putting mats, or outdoors on a putting green is essential if you want to lower your handicap. You’ll learn how to gauge the weight and power of your putts, but keeping the club perfectly aligned with your chosen path can still prove difficult at times. You can get a little help today by making a small investment in a putting laser aligner. It’s a fun and highly useful gadget that simply attaches to your putter and then shows you the path you’re lining up. You may not be able to use it in competitive play, but it can prove invaluable for getting the most out of your putting practice.

4. GPS Golf Watch

Gadgets for Golfers

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First, GPS technology changed how we found our way when getting from A to B, then it changed the way we got fit and monitored our fitness levels, and now it’s finally being used in the world of golf. GPS technology golf watches, by much-loved brands such as Garmin, not only monitor how many steps you take on a golf course, they also come pre-programmed with the details of huge numbers of courses from across the world. This means you’ll know exactly what the course has in store for you, all at the touch of a button. Oh, and it also tells you the time as well, for we all know how easy it is to lose track of that when playing a round or two.

5. Groove Sharpener

Gadgets for Golfers

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Our fifth geeky gadget is one of the smallest and one of the least expensive, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. Golf club technology is advancing all the time, thanks to computer modeling and design, and finite changes to the grooves in the face of a club can make a big difference to how you play. The more we play golf, the more these grooves can become worn away by friction, not to mention particles of mud and grass they can pick up. This means that you might find your clubs becoming less effective over time, even if you try to clean them scrupulously during your round. A groove sharpener is a perfect solution, as you can simply carry it with you and use it during your round. With the grooves on your clubs in perfect condition, your shots can become pretty near perfect too.

From golf launch monitors to groove sharpeners, these geeky gadgets are perfect presents for your favorite golfer, even if that’s yourself.