Top 5 Best Movie Streaming Apps For Android In 2019

free movie streaming apps for Android

TV on your phone?

Yes, you heard it right. It’s been more than 3 years, Tim Cook the CEO of Apple prophesied, “The future of TV is apps”. Since then, media brands, broadcasters, and social networkers are clamoring to develop their own videos and movies to stream cross-platform.

You’ve landed on this page probably because you are a movie junkie or TV lover. We understand the pains of endless searching to find the best free app streaming the movies. If found, these free options bombard users with unwanted advertisements, ruining the fun.

Even though Netflix provides a seamless user experience, many of us can’t afford the hefty monthly amount. However, there are apps that allow you to watch the movie without paying a dime.

The question that still remains is “Why do these apps offer free streaming?”

Because, these apps use their in-built media player to play files, hosted by websites like Torrent. They earn by using ad-based file hosting websites. The user access the files and a small amount is paid to the file owner.

Just be cautious enough when these apps ask for permissions which are not even required. Such apps are deceiving in nature and tend to inject malware.

In order to help you combat this situation, Technographx has jotted down a list of some best free legal movie streaming apps for Android just for you.


free movie streaming apps for Android


It has generally been observed that signing up to watch videos is a tedious job. But, thanks to this Sony owned app, you are not required to sign up.

The added benefit of sign up? You get to keep the records of watched movies. Except for a few videos, this app is ad-free. It offers a bouquet of movies to choose from.

Sony Crackle has also partnered with other big production houses that gives you a wide range of movies. It provides you the option to filter and search movies based on genre, length and alphabetical order.

Why Crackle?

  • Presence of subtitles;
  • No sign-up or subscription required;
  • Quick loading time;
  • Supports HD quality;
  • Large library and easy navigation.

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Show Box for Android:

free movie streaming apps for Android


It is mainly popular because of its smooth UI and easy navigation. The added advantage? You can get to choose movies and create a watchlist ultimately creating a paradise like experience for movie fans.

Did you know? The Showbox indexes various torrent clients to stream movies for free. This app also offers you movies without sign up and annoying ads.

Everything in Showbox is intuitive. The menu bar at the top allows you to choose if you want to display movies or any other TV show.

An exclusive feature: it has a Trailer view feature which allows you to see trailers for every movie in the list.

On top of this, you can bookmark your favorite one and watch it later.

Why Showbox?

  • Multi-language subtitles
  • Huge collection of movies
  • Low battery consumption
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free download to watch later

Mega Box HD:

free movie streaming apps for Android


This application has one of the best interfaces on the list. An added bonus: The brilliantly placed animations give a feeling of using a premium movie app. It facilitates movie synopsis, IMDB ratings, and much more. It allows curating your favorite movie list to watch later.

Think of it as your one-stop app for movies.

Why Mega Box HD?

  • Updated movie library;
  • Small app size;
  • Supports HD quality and allows other resolution;
  • No annoying ads.

Cinema Box:

free movie streaming apps for Android


Cinema Box is one of the premium apps for watching movies which was formerly known as PlayBox HD. Its well-organized UI provides seamless entertainment. On opening up the application you get to see a list of movies sorted into their respective categories.

It lessens the chances of file-source related errors as it has the ability to change the streaming host.

The interchanging of the host allows the users to watch any movie without a pause. Added perks of Cinema Box: It supports downloading the movie to watch it later.

Good news, you can allow your child to access this app because it facilitates users to hide adult content. You can even block movies for further security.

Why Cinema Box?

  • Bug and malware free application;
  • Supports HD quality (720p);
  • Supports the use of Chromecast, Apple TV and WiFi sharing;
  • Facilitates children mode;
  • Subtitles available.

Newest Movie HD:

free movie streaming apps for Android


Downloading a movie and watching it later is the common feature offered by many movie apps. This amazing app allows not only to download but also stream it in different qualities.

An added boon: It has filters like ‘most watched’ to make search easier.

A pool of movies sorted with the genre is available in the app. The content and list of movies are constantly updated. At the end of the day, you will get great relaxation after viewing the content on Movie HD.

Why Newest Movie HD?

  • Multiple quality offline streaming facilities;
  • Filters like ‘most watched’;
  • Number of movies;
  • Easy and user-friendly interface.


Popcorn Time

It is the most popular free movie streaming app for Android. Application’s design is sleek.  You can even call it as “the Netflix of torrents”.

It’s interface displays the latest additions to their library and the menu button allows to select the movie from different categories.

Like most free movie streaming apps, this also allows downloading the movie and watch later.

Why Popcorn Time?

  • Minimal battery consumption;
  • Updated library of movies;
  • 1080p and 720p stream quality;
  • Movie download possible.

Phew! So these were some of the best movie apps that are free for Android. Most of these apps circumvent each other in one way or the other. Each app is best in its own manner. Hopefully, they suffice their role of entertaining you, the primary audience.

A possible loophole: Some apps may be region-restricted and may not be available in the play store or App Store. You can download.APK file to install the streaming app.

Thank you for reading this post! This site will be updated regularly with new content. Make sure you visit Technographx again.