100% Free Background Check: Fast and Easy Way To Know About Someone

free background check

Whether there is a new person around in your neighborhood or you’re curious to know about your sister’s boyfriend. Or you have just got an application from an applicant, and before you recruit him, you just wanna know a little bit more about himself. These days background checks are not considered significant but there is a prominent need to carry them out. Right?

Nowadays, each and every organization and institute has made it a norm to include the Background Check Process.”  

So many of us wonder what they really do? How do they search for every bit of information about us? Do they contact the FBI? 

Answers to all these questions lie in this piece of content, so keep on reading

Some of the companies have contacts with higher authorities to do this, and some just perform the simple procedure. You can also find out about yourself by running a background check on yourself. In other words, carrying out a background check on myself. Sounds funny, isn’t it? 

What is Background Check?

A background check is a process where you find in-depth information about a particular person. When people hear the wordbackground check”, most people think of it as a criminal history check. But actually, this is not all about the criminal check, it also includes pre-employment screenings and education verification. 

This background check is beneficial in the recruitment of employees as this provides a detailed criminal history check, background screenings, and verification of the documents that an applicant claims. All this helps come in the company’s policy, which will keep the company safe and protected from the threats. 

How to Run a Free Background Check? 

So ever you wonder what the internet shows about yourself? We’re pretty excited to know about others but also make sure that Google doesn’t show anything wrong about yourself. Right? 

So here are various methods by which you can easily do a free background check on yourself or anyone else: 

1. Neighborhood

Whether God sees or not but a neighbor always sees everything!! So, if a new man comes to live next door, and in the first conversation, you get a weird feeling about this person. You can ask the other neighbors about this suspicious person, or you can search him on the whitepages.com/neighbors, it is a site that shows the public information living nearby blocks. (which is a more suitable thing to do rather than checking his mailbox!!)

2. Google


source: wikipedia.org

Whether you are looking for the price of lipstick or searching for a place, Google is the first place to search. Don’t you find it true? This way, you can find anything about a person on this platform. (because Google knows everything!!) Just entering a one-word, millions of pages open. Only by knowing the name, you’re able to get a ton of data about that person. Cool right? 

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3. Social Networks

After searching on Google, another platform where you can find the most accurate data is on social media platforms. Here is the list of these platforms: 


source: iradio.ie

What is better than digging up someone’s secrets? Everyone has some skeletons in their closets!! Right? Whether it is embarrassing old photos or education information, Facebook has it all!! Even if the profile is not public, you can get the email address and official or unofficial name. After entering the detailed information like name and location, you’re able to get to know about the person’s education and workplace. 

For example: Just type “William john“ in the search bar of Facebook, and the related results will show on the page. 


source: integra-groep.com

If you’re keen to know the job profile of a person, then this is a perfect platform to do that. LinkedIn is broadcasting more than 450+ million users, so this is a reliable source for checking professional networking and background checks. But the only thing is, it can only provide the work history, here you’ll not find any personal information. 


source: pocket-lint.com

If you want to see someone’s life, just check his Instagram account. This place has all his life in the form of photos. From what one eats in a day to what locations one likes to explore, you’ll find everything. (It is also an excellent place to stalk your crush or ex!!) You can also see who follows them and who they follow. It doesn’t give you detailed things, but you will get an infer about this person. 


source: omnicoreagency.com

You can search for anyone by just entering the username or tweets in the search bar. It will not provide you with in-depth filtering like Facebook, but it is also useful in the background check. 

4. Websites 

There are specific websites or search engines where you can find any type of detail. Even if you know the name, you get pretty decent results on these websites. On some websites, you’re required to fill some details like name, city and sometimes job location (depending upon the information you want to know).  

So if you wish to be Mr. 007, you can use specific apps and websites that’ll give you whatever you want (Just kidding!!) Below is a list of some websites where even you can find the address of God!!


source: reti.us

It can show you the truths that even you’ll never tell yourself. Creepy? It can show you the results pretty similar to google. 


source: medium.com

Here you can find the details by entering a name, contact number and even street number, where one works or lives. But this is a paid service. 


source: tomsguide.com

This website is kind of similar to WhitePages, which offers a good index of people. Here you can view address history, relatives, present & past workplaces. 

Family Tree Now

source: lifewire.com

Actually, this site is made for creating family trees, but they also offer some free information which helps you to take the insight views of a person’s life. Amazingly, this site has billions of records of marriages, divorces, death records and even some military records

Family Watchdog

source: lifewire.com

The rates of crimes are increasing day by day. So, to protect yourself from any kind of offender, use this website that gives free criminal background checks of anyone. 

Just type your address or city name or zip code and Family Watchdog will show you all the registered sex offenders nearby. The website gives you basic information, such as charges, marking, and aliases. 

 free background check

source: blogspot.com

So, why are you still waiting? Just go any of the given methods and run a free background check to cool down your detective curiosity. Some of the websites provide the 100% free background check, and some have paid services. 

As the internet is a sea of knowledge but you’ve to use it carefully and in the right direction. So, stay alert, stay protected and,  for more updates either on any technology or event, visit Technographx