Fire Force Season 3: Official Release Date, Cast, & More

Fire Force Season 3

Fire Force is a very amazing anime series with its two seasons out. This series is derived from the manga of Atsushi Kubo and has been licensed by Funimation. Both the seasons of Fire Force were loved by the viewers and has received 7.7 out of 10 IMDb, 91 out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.7 out of 10 on MyAnimeList. The first season ran from July to December 2019, and season 2 ran from July to December 2020.

In the USA, the manga is released in English language by Kodansha USA. There is so much demand for manga that more than 16 million copies have been sold till date.

After the completion of season 1 and 2, fans are excited for the next season and want to know when Fire force season 3 will get released, what will be its cast, plot, and other details. Currently, there is no news released for the renewal of fire force season 3 but we hope for the renewal for sure seeing the amazing fanbase and profitable past seasons. 

Let’s read ahead to know the other details about the series and season 3.

Which Can be the Expected Release Date of Fire Force Season 3?

Fire Force Season 3


Season 2 got completed in December, 2020 and since then fans have been waiting for the next season with lots of excitement. There were 24 episodes in both seasons and they all were superbly directed making the viewers have lots of fun. 

Currently, there is no news for the official renewation of season 3 so we can’t say anything for the release date of the same. But, we can say there is good hope for season 3 to come seeing the performance of the first and second seasons. We can assume that the next season can be released in the second half of 2022 and not before that. 

The sales of the manga are doing really well, both the seasons have done exceptionally well and there is a good enough fan base. These are enough reasons for the producers to focus on making the next season so don’t lose hope and remain excited for season 3 as it will be definitely released sooner or later.   

It might be possible that the makers might be waiting for the manga to get completed and then they will resume with the next season. 

Are there Any News for Fire Force Season 3 Cast?

Fire Force Season 3


There is no official information for the fire force season 3 cast so can’t say who will be the actors involved in this new season. Hopefully, we will see all the actors from season 1 and 2 and maybe some new cast can be added.

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What is the Fire Force Series Plot?

Fire Force Season 3


The story of this amazing series is set in a future where sea level has risen to a great extent and this is collapsing cities and continents and creating devastating havoc. This has caused the disappearance of many people and many countries. 

Japan, which was earlier a very big country has turned into a small one with a very limited population after the devastating attack. People live in the tiny Tokyo empire now. 

Fire Force, a special force of firefighters has been formed to fight against the increasing incidents of spontaneous human combustion. In this terrible human combustion, humans are transformed into living hells (called Infernals). The team of Fire Force consists of people from the Santo Sol Church, the Tokyo Armed Forces, and the Fire Defense Agency. 

Now, the protagonist of the story – Shinra Kusakabe has been tasked to kill the Infernals. He is accompanied by other skillful people as well who together fight against the Infernals and kill them. These people who accompany him are also pyrokinetic just like him. 

The third season will continue focusing on the fights of the Fire Force team against the Infernals just like season 1 and 2 with new drama and adventure. 

So, here is the overview of Fire Force season 3 details. Let’s wait for the official announcement from the makers for further details and till then read the manga if you are interested in reading it. Stay tuned for further information.

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