Questions Answered For Selecting the Best Fantasy Football Trophy

Fantasy Football Trophy

A wide variety of fantasy football trophies are available online for recognizing your fantasy league champion. Most fantasy leagues are formed through a common bond. Whether you play with a group of co-workers, with regulars at the local watering hole or with fellow tributes from the Hunger Games’ 13 districts of Panem, there is likely a style that defines you.

Flying W Awards is your one-stop destination for finding a stunning, unique, and cost-effective trophy for the league. You will also find some crazy and funky trophy ideas for the worst players too. If you are here to find a trophy for your league, but still have some doubts before making a purchase, you should read the next section of this blog. We hope that it answers all of your questions and helps you find the best option for the perfect fantasy trophy. 

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What is The Cost of a Fantasy Football Trophy?

Conventional trophies range from $70 up to $200 and above. However, keep in mind that these trophies are designed to last 16 years or longer.

For tight budget leagues, there are individual trophies that range from $10 and up that can be passed around from year to year from winner to winner. The larger trophies are worth the initial investment and would be loved by every member of your league. A fantasy football trophy is a way to celebrate the victory of your winner and can be the point of bragging rights for all members. You don’t want to short your league with a small trophy, so you might as well spend the extra money for an award that will last for years. 

When thinking of the amount to spend on a trophy, consider the following thought. While purchasing a perpetual fantasy trophy is a one-time investment, the cost is spread out over 16 years or longer depending on the number of individual tags on your award. By thinking of it this way, you can imagine that the cost per year per person is not that great, and would be less expensive than buying multiple cheap trophies over the years. In the long run, making one larger purchase can save you money down the road.

Where to Search for a Fantasy Football Trophy?

Many people believe you get a better deal if you buy online versus in a brick and mortar store. However, Flying W Awards was established in 1969 on the Southside of Indianapolis, Indiana. We are not only a brick and mortar store, but we also have a very competitive online business as well. With over 50 years of experience, Flying W Awards will be here long after your typical basement and garage stores are gone. Having not only an online store but a brick and mortar store gives you confidence that you are dealing with a reputable and established business. However, other than cost there are several other reasons for purchasing awards or trophies online, which are:

  1. The ease and convenience of searching multiple options at once;
  2. Comparing the prices of the trophies that you have really liked;
  3. Finding a wide variety of options, which may not be available at a physical store.
  4. Who wants to get in the car and drive around town, when you can shop from the comfort of your own home?

It always betters to purchase your award from a well-known and established vendor. Retailers with high ratings online can help assure you that the product you are purchasing will be of high quality and from a trustworthy seller. Why miss out on the permanent bragging rights when you can have your trophy from a proven online vendor?

How do you find out the reputation of a trophy seller? Why is it important for you to know the reputation of the seller?

We understand that you want to blow away the minds of your fellow league mates with an exclusive football trophy – a showstopper of the league. But you can waste your time and money if you buy your trophy from an unrecognized vendor who doesn’t focus on the quality of their products. A damaged trophy will ruin the mood of the entire league. Therefore, it is important to consider the reputation of the trophy seller. 

If you are opting to buy online, go and check the reviews for the retailer and find out the customer satisfaction level of the buyers. Testimonials and reviews are the best way to find out the reliability of an online retailer – so make sure to check multiple sources!

What Message Should be Printed on the Fantasy Football Trophy Plate?

The wording or the names to be printed on your award depends on the type and style of the football league you are organizing. You can choose to put the team or league name on the award, as well as an owner name, year, record, or any other information you think is important to record. 

The lettering information may vary depending on the perpetual or individual yearly trophies that you plan to choose. Perpetual trophies tend to only have the league name and reference to champions on the front and individual teams name, owner name, and year on the side, while individual awards have the league name, team name, owner name, and the season they won. 

What fantasy football league trophy options do you have to choose from?

At Flying W Awards, a trophy shop in Indianapolis, the following are just a few of the options you have to choose from:

  • Last place horses rear trophy;
  • Fantasy football individual award;
  • Football monster trophy;
  • FFL monster with the logo;
  • Victory Monster individual trophy;
  • Last place bobble outhouse 16-year trophy;
  • Fantasy football crown trophy- small individual;
  • Armchair Quarterback 22-year trophy.
  • Chrome Lombardi Individual Trophy

For this year’s fantasy league, have some fun with our new and quirky designs. All our awards are beautifully designed down to the smallest details and will let your league’s winner and loser celebrate their accomplishments. Are you ready to choose the award for your league?