Fallout 3 is a wonderful game of the Fallout series. Release in the year 2008, it got much love from the gamers, people like it for the awesome 3D Graphics and real-time combat. 2D Graphics of the previous installments of the game was replace by advance graphics and that’s what attract so much attention to the game. Though there are compatibility issues with Fallout 3 on Windows 10, we have brought some turnarounds that will help you fix the issue.

It got so much love by the gaming community that a special Game of the Year Edition was also develop and release.

Though the game is old, gamers are still crazy about it and like to play it even today. But the issue is that the game is not running properly on new operating systems like Windows 8 and Windows 10. When players are trying to launch the game, the game is not getting launch. 

When they click on the New button to launch a new game, the game is not getting launch and it is crashing. You have to follow the below-given solutions and fix the issue. After following all the steps successfully, you will be able to play the game without any problem and it won’t crash anymore. 

Solution 1: Run with Administrator Privileges

fallout 3 on windows 10

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Most of the issues can be resolved if the application or software has been launched with administrator privileges. Let’s try that with this game too and see if running with administrator privileges works or not. Follow the below steps.  

  1. The first step is to navigate to the Steam folder and then open the Fallout3 folder. 
  2. Now, you have to right-click the EXE file for Fallout 3 and then click on Properties. 
  3.  Now, head on to the Compatibility tab.
  4. You will see a checkbox titled Run this program as an administrator. Tick mark the checkbox. 
  5. Click Apply and click Ok to save the changes.

Now, launch the game and see if the issue has been resolved or not. 

If it doesn’t work for you then move to the next solution. 

Solution 2: Run the Game in Compatibility Mode

fallout 3 on windows 10

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The chief reason for the game not running on Windows 10 and Windows 8 is that it was developed way back 12 years and at that time, these operating systems were not there. That’s why it is not officially compatible with Windows 8 and 10. So, to settle down the compatibility issues, follow the below steps that we have brought for you. This will make the game run in the compatibility mode and will let your game run smoothly without crashing.  

  1. You have to navigate to the Steam folder and then to the Fallout3 folder. 
  2. Look for the EXE file and right-click it. Now, click Properties. 
  3. Click on the Compatibility tab.
  4. There will be a checkbox named Run this program in compatibility mode, tickmark it. 
  5. Now, there will be a dropdown displaying the different operating systems. 
  6. Here, you have to select Windows XP (Service Pack 3). 
  7. Click Apply and click OK to save the changes.

Now, launch the game and see if the issue gets resolved or not. If it doesn’t work for you then try running with Windows 7, Windows XP (Service Pack 2), and check. 

Solution 3: Update your Graphic Drivers

fallout 3 on windows 10

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Games require updated graphic drivers to run. If your graphic drivers are outdated or wrongly installed then the game won’t run. Follow the below steps to check if you have the correct and latest graphic driver installed on your system.

  1. Search for device manager in the Windows search box and click the first result that is shown.
  2. The device manager window will open displaying the different drivers installed on your system. 
  3. Expand Display adapters and you will see the different graphic drivers. 
  4. Right-click on each driver one by one and click the Update driver option. 
  5. It will then show you two options. The first one is to search online for the updated version and the second one is to get it from your system if you have already downloaded it. 
  6. Go for the first option.
  7. It will then automatically search for an update. If there is a new update then it will let you know about the same and then you can allow it to download it and install it. If there is no update available then it will let you know that the latest versions are already installed on your system.
  8. After downloading and installing the updated drivers, restart the pc and then launch the game to check if it worked or not. 

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Solution 4: Games for Windows Live Application, Get it Downloaded and Installed

fallout 3 on windows 10

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Many users have got the issue solved by downloading and installing the Games for Windows Live application. With this application, the game runs smoothly so we can try it out too. Follow the below steps. 

  1.   There is one installer for the Games for Windows Live, called GFWL that you have to download and install on your Windows 10 computer. You can search for the same on the Internet and you will see different links from which you can download the EXE file.
  2. After it gets download, install it by double-clicking it and following the steps shown on the screen. 
  3. After it gets install, open it. It will automatically download all the files that are inevitable to play the Fallout 3 game on your system. 
  4. Now, you can check if it work or not by opening the game and seeing if it runs or not. 

Solution 5: Edit the Falloutprefs.ini config file

fallout 3 on windows 10

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Let’s check to edit the game’s Falloutprefs.ini file. This will fix the issue. 

  1. For this, open file explorer. Head on to My Documents→ My Games→ Fallout 3. 
  2. Now, you have to look for the falloutprefs.ini file and open it in Notepad. 
  3. Now, look for the bUseThreadedAI=0 setting in the falloutprefs.ini file and change the value of 0 to 1. 
  4. If you can’t find this setting then input it and set the value to 1 instead of 0. Input it on a new line in the file. 
  5. Now, press enters and go to a new line and write down iNumHWThreads=2.
  6. Now, save the file and close it. 

Launch the game to check if it gets open successfully or not.  

So, here were the different solutions to fix the issue of fallout 3 on Windows 10. Hope you got a complete overview of it and now you know how to get fallout 3 to work on Windows 10. Just follow the steps properly and fix the issue so that you can play the game without any hassle.