FaceBook Watch: New Binge Watching Feature By FaceBook

Facebook watch
The New Press Release from the social media giant stated that the video-on-demand service will be available everywhere giving publishers and content creators a worldwide market for their videos. The Facebook watch will be available for the world in a short while as stated by the creators.The creators in certain countries like Ireland, New Zealand and Australia will be able to monetize their content along with ad breaks including pre-roll, mid-roll, and static image ads. An additional 21 countries will be able to start the monetizing process in September.

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The company stated that with the launch of facebook watch globally, they will be supporting the publishers and creators. They will help them to make money from their Facebook videos on Facebook and allow them to understand how their content is performing.

Facebook first started broadcasting original programming last August. After that month, the company boosted the on-demand service with dozens of new programs spanning drama, reality TV, talk shows, sports and more.

Facebook watch

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Since the Facebook watch launched, it has become more socially inclined as the social media giant is also showing what users friends have liked or shared. The company is also planning to unveil polls, quizzes and other features in upcoming years. It can be viewed and accessed via Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Oculus.

Many newsroom posts have stated that more than 50 million people in the U.S itself have watched videos or taken at least one minute of videos on facebook watch. Publishers and the creators can choose using auto insertion feature which will allow the social media giant to automatically select the best placement ads within their videos.

Facebook watch

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Contents in English will be supported and with time and updating various local languages will be supported with more countries and languages to be added in coming months. For publishers and the creators, the Creator Studio Facebook had made available the small beta version test in the U.S is being made available globally.

Here is the list of an original program available on watch:-

  • Nas Daily:-

Vlogger Nas makes videos with the help of his friends every day.

  • Mike Rowe:-

Rowe searches for the people who have done great things for their community and gives them special experience in return as appreciating the great gesture.

  • Gabby Bernstein:-

Motivational speaker and author communicate with his fans about the life questions in live and recorded segment.

  • NBA’s WNBA All Access:-

This includes the behind the scenes show with women’s basketball stars.

  • Tommy Mac:-

A master woodmaker gives live tutorials on how to make furniture and other home related stuff.

  • The Dodo’s Comeback Kids:-

In this it features the determined animals facing difficult conditions or challenges meet people who refused to give up on their lives and fought hard for their rights and what they wanted to achieve.

Facebook is trying to eat up the whole internet from years and now the new availability of the Facebook video watch is going to be a massive hit for the company as of looking at the current situation.