FaceApp: Know About this Trending App Today

Face App

FaceApp, the well-known AI-based Photo Editing app is once again in news. It got famous in 2017 and since then the features and effects in the app are improved a lot. Today, in this post, we will have a brief idea about this app and know why it is so popular. So, let us continue reading and figure it out.

Face App

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This app lets you know how you will look when you turn older with the help of Artificial Intelligence. There is feature provided in the app for adding mustache style, beard or any other look that you want over your face. You can also change the gender and see how you look. It can find the best hair color that suits you and the hairstyle that will look best on you.

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Now, you might be thinking what’s new in this, it is certainly provided by a lot of different apps. But, let us inform you that the kind of realistic look this app provides is not provided by any other app. There are a lot of free apps available but this one has the perfect AI prediction among all of them.

Now, for using this app, you need to download it from Google Play Store. You have to open the app and then select the pic that you want to edit. There is an option provided in the app for editing your Facebook Watch photos too. If you don’t have any photos in your gallery currently (in case, you formatted your phone or deleted all the images) then just snap a photo through the in-app camera button and start editing it.

Face App

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After selecting the photo, you have to start applying the filters provided. Some of the filters are as follows: age, beards, hair color, smiles, glasses, hairstyles and much more. The app is free to download but there are in-app purchases. “FaceApp Pro” is the premium version of this app which you can go for.

The premium version provides a lot of advanced features that are worth using. It also provides an ad-free experience. If you want to pay for the premium version monthly then you have to pay Rs 299 and if you want to pay for the year altogether then it costs Rs 1,599. If you want to get the premium version for life-time then you have to pay Rs. 3099.

Face App

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The app currently does a wonderful job of making you know how you will look when you grow old. It also lets you know how young you can look at your old age. But, the problem is that the app is slow sometimes and it takes much time to process the images. But, you will find the performance much quicker than the earlier version of the app.

Some concerns have been made regarding the Privacy of User’s Data. But, top security researchers have given the app a clean chit so no need to worry that much.

So, here was a brief overview of the Faceapp application which is the talk of the town these days. Download and install this Old Face App on your phone and check your older version. For more updates on this app, follow Technographx!