Know How To Get New Emojis On Android And IOS

emojis for iPhone 6

Emojis are a fun way to communicate and share our feelings with our friends. Today, Technographx has brought this article to make you know how to get new emojis for iPhone 6. Let us have a look at the different methods for doing the same.

Method 1: Activate Emoji Keyboard

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The first method is to use built-in Apple keyboards that comes preinstalled with the iPhone and iOS. The keyboard comes with tons of different options.

Some of the options that come preloaded into the emoji keyboard are Smileys, poop stars, sad faces, international people, hand signals, clothing, hearts and Valentine, flags etc.

For enabling the keyboard, you have to just follow the below-given steps.

First of all, go to your iPhone and tap on the settings icon, the little grey gear.

Now, tap on the General button that is fourth on the list.

Now, scroll down until you see Keyboard under Date and Time, tap on it.

Choose the option of “Add New Keyboard”.

Now, scroll down until you find Emoji and tap on it for turning that keyboard on.

Now, whenever you use the keyboard for composing an email, texting a message, or commenting on an Instagram photo, you will see the little globe icon at the bottom. Now, tap on the globe and there will be the option for emojis.

Method 2: Use The 3rd Party Keyboards

emojis for iPhone 6


The 3rd party keyboards can also be used with the iPhones. Just head to the app store and type in keyboard and you will see a bunch of many third-party keyboards. All those keyboards will be having different emojis in it.

Method 3: In-App Emoji Keyboards

emojis for iPhone 6


There a lot of different text messaging apps that have built-in emoji that you can use for sending it to your friends. They are labeled as stickers, emoticons or pictures sometimes. For example, the Kik messenger is having the built-in emojis that you can use. There are some free and paid stickers with the Line messenger too.

So now you know how to get new emojis on Android and iOS, you can do it on your own phone too!

emojis for iPhone 6