15 Best Educational Technology Ideas That Every Student Have To Know About

There is no doubt about the huge impact of technology in all spheres of modern life. In education, new technologies have made teaching and learning more effective.  Disseminating complex ideas is easier using tech tools and students can also leverage different applications to research, plan, write, organize and share their work. From writing services, virtual learning, augmented technology, simulations, and models to innovative collaboration tools, there is a wide range of educational technology ideas students can use today.

This article explores some of the best educational technology ideas every student should know and how to utilize them for a better learning experience. Keep reading.

1) Educational YouTube Video Learning:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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Video is the most popular content online with experts projecting 90% of all online traffic by the end of 2019 will be virtual. If you always have problems understanding default concepts, you can view educational videos on YouTube and other platforms to learn and understand faster.

2) Flashnotes:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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class notes are boring to read but you can now use Flashnotes to upload lecture notes on your internet device for easier revision and sharing.  

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3) Social Media Study Groups:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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If you are like most students, you most likely have a social media account.  What you might not know is that there are helpful social media groups that can help you in your studies. Join a study group and get all the help you need with your assignments and study problems.

4) Lore:

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This is a Facebook type platform which is perfect for both students and teachers. It is a tool allowing teachers and students to follow one another, communicate, and discuss class work and lectures and much more.

5) Kid Blog:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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Most kids now understand the power of the internetand they want to share their knowledge. Kid Blog helps younger learners own blog connected to the classroom. Students and parents can comment on what the kids share and it is a safe way to protect learners from the dangers of the internet.

6) Online Writing Services:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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Students always struggle with homework and other school assignments.  Writing services offer help with homework, essay writing, research papers, and many other academic tasks.

7) Online Study Club:

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You can join a learning forum if you love a particular subject or if you would like help with assignments.  In such online clubs, you not only share knowledge but also learn a lot from other students.

8) Online Tutoring:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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Tutors are an integral part of the learning process because they help you out of the classroom. Online tutoring entails using live chat and sharing virtual resources with an experienced tutor. It is one of the best educational tech ideas students should take up.

9) SchoolTube:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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Leading education associations endorse this video sharing platform where learners sharepost-self-produced videos for classroom use. It is not only motivational but helps students socialize and have fun when learning.

10) Study Apps:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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Students can now download apps to help them in their studies. From RefME, Evernote, GoConqr, Oxford Dictionary, My Study Life, to iStudiez Pro Legend, there are multiple tools to help with time management, organizing studies, brainstorming among other things.

11) Educational Games:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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Video games are now a crucial learning tool and students can download and play games such as Big Brain Academy, The Oregon Trail, Smarty Pants, The Reader Rabbit, National Geographic Challenge among others to learn difficult concepts.

12) Language Learning Tools:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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Students struggle with second language learning but with tools such as Glovico.org, it is now easier to learn foreign languages.

13) E-Books:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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Students can now access any information they need to from e-books which are cheaper and easily accessible.

14) Edmodo:

 Educational Technology Ideas

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This is a social media platform where students and teachers to engage in collaborative projects.

15) Prezi:

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The best presentation tools for college students as it makes presentation beautiful, customized, and original.

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 Educational Technology Ideas

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