Top 4 Easiest Programming Languages of 2019

easiest programming languages

Want to be a developer but don’t know which language will be easy for you to master? Then, don’t worry as we have brought to you top 4 easiest programming languages of 2019 which will help you to be a software developer quickly.



easiest programming languages.

It is the language which is very high in demand these days and let us inform you that JavaScript is not related to Java in any manner. Java is a programming language and JavaScript is a scripting language and it is one of the easiest programming languages.


It can be used for building any web app no matter how complex it is. This language will help you in any case whether you want to build a simple website or you want to develop a web-based game. In the past, it was majorly used for the front-end parts but it is also used to run the back-end of the sites. It is a kind of language that you can understand very easily and learn very quickly.

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easiest programming languages.

Python will always appear when it comes to the list of the easiest programming languages. This language uses very few lines to code and you can perform any complex task by only writing a few lines of code.


It is a scripting language and so it allows the programmers to do more within a short span of time. It is not only easy but it provides a wide range of applications too. It is used for building the websites and applications.  There are various libraries of python used for different purposes which make the work easy for the developers. There are a lot of tutorials available for python and it is an open-source platform which has its own documentation too for guiding the learners.



easiest programming languages.

It is a beginner-friendly scripting language that can be used by any programmer. This language is a versatile one that is used for the mobile and web development projects. It is very much similar to Python. One of the excellent features of it is that it is easily readable and major websites like Twitter also use it. The basics can be learned within 30 minutes and the community of this language will help you in your learning too.



easiest programming languages.

It is a dynamically typed language and it is one of the best alternatives of Python. Its syntax can be easily understood. The source code is easily available at GitHub as it an opensource language. It will be easy for any programmer to deal with this language.