Dropbox vs Google Drive: Key Differences Between Both

Dropbox Vs Google Drive

Nowadays, a Cloud storage option is very much needed in order to access our files from any location. The very popular and widely used cloud storage software is Google Drive and Dropbox. Today, in this post brought to you by Technographx, we will have a look at Dropbox vs Google Drive comparison to get an idea between both.


Dropbox Vs Google Drive

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Both Google Drive and Dropbox provide free storage space for their basic users. If the users want more space then they need to purchase it. Now, let us have a look at the pricing options offered by this two software. Dropbox offers 50 GB storage space at the rate of $9.99/month and 100 GB at the rate of $19.99. So, we can see that Google Drive offers more space at a cheaper price. Also, the free space provided by Google Drive is 15 GB which is huge compared to Dropbox’s 2GB.

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Sharing Feature

Dropbox Vs Google Drive

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The sharing feature is also a key aspect that should be analyzed when you are comparing these two software. Dropbox shares the files from the Desktop app. Whereas, Drive can share the files through its Web app. You can share the drive files with an email and you can also set the restrictions for the viewers to only view the document and not edit it.

There are two ways for sharing the files through Dropbox: one with the link and the other with a shared folder. Also, look at the compatibility features of both the software. Drive provides support for Mac and Windows users and Dropbox supports Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

Deleted Files And Old Versions

Dropbox Vs Google Drive

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Both these software have different ways of dealing with version control. This allows you to go back and retrieve old files that you deleted. Google Drive Gdrive stores up to 100 revisions of a document or 30 days of versions per document.

There is a trash folder which stores the deleted files and if the trash folder is deleted the files are gone forever. On the other hand, Dropbox keeps unlimited versions of your document for 30 days. It is not counting the total storage space you are allowed. Know more about the Data Security ideas that you should have along with storing it.

So, here was a brief overview of the Dropbox Vs Google Drive comparison. Hope you have got a clear idea between the both and you can now go for any desired software that you want.