Honest Review: DotYeti’s Graphic Design Services in 2022

DotYeti’s Graphic Design Services

It can certainly be frustrating to get the design work that you’re looking for. You may find yourself dealing with unimaginative designs or wasting time trying to find and coordinate freelancers. Trust me. I’ve been there and experienced all the pitfalls myself! However, when you find the right designer, it feels seamless. The designs are consistently on-brand, aligned with your marketing objectives, and are delivered with minimal back and forth. That’s how it felt like to work with DotYeti. Here we will talk about DotYeti’s graphic design services.

Their design platform is feature-rich and user-friendly. But most importantly, their graphic designers feel like they’ve been a part of your team forever. They do their due diligence and research, so it doesn’t feel like you’re starting from square one. They truly feel like an extension of your own team that you can tap into whenever you need creative content. 

Read on for my experience and why I’d recommend DotYeti over all other design tools I’ve tried before in the past. 

DotYeti Overview

DotYeti’s Graphic Design Services

Source: dotyeti.com

DotYeti is a graphic design platform that optimizes the creative process by removing all obstacles and streamlining collaboration between you and your design team. On the dashboard, you get a clear overview of every request you have in the works, from draft to completion, as well as expected delivery dates. When you click on a request, you can access a detailed project description, chat with your designer and provide feedback directly onto the designs themselves.

Additionally, you’re not limited to one brand. For clients managing multiple brands, you can add unlimited brand profiles onto DotYeti’s platform. 

Process and Features (How It Works)

Signing Up

Signing up couldn’t have been easier. 

DotYeti wants to know two things only: your name and your email address. That was sufficient to sign up. I didn’t have to provide any addresses, credit card details, education, work history, etc. to create an account.

They’ll ask for payment details only when you’re ready to subscribe to a plan. On that note, they offer 3 main plans: Basic ($449/month), Premium ($1,145/month), and Royal ($2,395/month. Of course, each step up also comes with more complex designs. Premium plan clients can ask for illustrations, GIFs, infographics, and logo design. Royal plan clients get video and web design projects. 

The DotYeti Platform

DotYeti’s Graphic Design Services

Source: dotyeti.com

I really enjoyed the uncluttered, yet intuitive, design of DotYeti’s platform. All of their features have a purpose, but I’ll try to cut right to the chase and highlight the need-to-know ones. 


All the important actions and information are right on the dashboard. Here, you get a clear, complete overview of your active and past work with DotYeti. You can keep track of the number of active, to be reviewed and delivered requests to help plan workflow.  

The Request Overview board lists details such as status, title, category, assigned designers, and expected delivery dates. I found this incredibly useful when I needed a quick update on the progress of my designs.

On the left menu bar, you’ll find buttons to submit a new request, update your brand profiles, view your saved drafts, browse exclusive partnerships perks and the free illustration library, and get answers to FAQs. 

I’ll go into more detail on these features in a moment. 

At the top right corner, you’ll find a notification bell that alerts you if there’s been a status update from your designer. For clients with design credits, the remaining credit balance will also appear here.

The drop-down next to your name lets you edit your information, upgrade your design plan and view your invoice history. Finally, the question mark button takes you to their website’s FAQ page. But even if you can’t find your question, there’s always someone available to chat with!

New Request

Clicking on the New Request button immediately starts the briefing process.  I found this process incredibly easy and managed to complete the entire briefing in under 1 minute. You are walked through a wide range of design categories, a text briefing, specifying design dimensions, and uploading any assets or references you’d like the designers to take a look at.

Design Requests

When you click on a specific design project, all the details pop up. Here, you can chat with your designer, view all delivered files, and provide on-image feedback directly onto the design itself. This is also where you’ll mark the project as approved once you’re happy with the designs!

Brand Profiles

The Brand Profiles page has a list of all the brand profiles that DotYeti is currently managing under your account. It’s quite simple to add a new one. You can add an avatar, brand colors, assets, and any information that you think will help the designers create designs that are true to your style. 

Saved Drafts

I appreciated the ability to save drafts because there have been times when I started a new request but didn’t have the creative inspiration to finish it. Other platforms would force me to start again from scratch. On the other hand, DotYeti allowed me to save my progress and then revisit it once I had a better idea of the design I needed.

Perks Program

Their perks page seems to be a recent addition, but one that I found especially unique. Other graphic design services might put their partnership deals in a hidden webpage with less traffic, while DotYeti puts them right on the platform. This felt like a thoughtful touch. Everyone uses the design platform when collaborating with designers, so why not put interesting perks there too where they can be easily accessed?

Illustration Library

My favorite part of their platform may have to be the illustration library. I loved how DotYeti provides this for free! I enjoyed browsing the large variety of illustrations and drawing inspiration from them. The illustrations truly cover the largest range of topics. I didn’t think I’d find an illustration for a train- but I did! I’ve even downloaded 2 or 3 to use on smaller side projects that I’m doing on my own.

Design Quality

DotYeti’s Graphic Design Services

Source: dotyeti.com

I took DotYeti for a trial round because I was looking at revamping my business with branded PowerPoint templates, business cards, and illustrations. Furthermore, I wanted to launch online marketing campaigns on social media and Google. 

Take a look at some of the designs they created for me.

Overall, I was very impressed.

I got more than my money’s worth with DotYeti. Their graphic designers are highly qualified and very pleasant to work with. The designs were beautiful and hit all the points that I listed down in the briefing. They delivered banner ads and social media graphics that I’m sure will be a big hit with my online audience. 

It took 1 day to get the first drafts back and the final designs came in 36 hours later.


I already mentioned the illustration library above, but DotYeti offers some more interesting freebies I’d like to give a special shout out to here!

Their blog is edutainment at its best. I see their team truly cares about the creative industry and staying on top of trends. I’ve gotten some useful insights (and a few laughs) from reading their blog posts. Everything was easy to follow. I particularly enjoyed reading the “Memes Every Graphic Designer Understands” blog post!

They also offer a few useful organizational tools for marketing teams.  I’m currently using their digital marketing KPIs worksheet and social media content calendar to keep track of targets. 

DotYeti Alternatives

The internet has made it possible to collaborate with designers from all over the world in a highly scalable way. I know this from personal experience. Going online and browsing for the most suitable service for your project and budget, yields an endless list of possibilities. 

Here are some popular alternatives to DotYeti that you may have stumbled upon. 

Design Pickle Review 

Design Pickle also offers unlimited graphic designs for a flat price. They’ve been in business for a while and have an extensive portfolio showcasing their talents. 

However, Design Pickle handles a high volume of design requests. This inevitably means that the quality of their creative designs will vary. Some designs may feel templated and unoriginal simply because they are churning out content. 

Furthermore, their graphic design plans lack flexibility. You can only choose between 4 separate plans that each cover graphic design, custom illustration, presentation design, and motion graphics. This becomes unnecessarily expensive when you have design requests that are a mix of all these different design formats. 

Penji Review – Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Penji is a great choice for clients looking for a flexible no-contract graphic design solution.  Clients benefit from speedy turnaround times and good quality, creative designs. However, it’s important to note that you may be missing out on the full value of your purchase. That’s because Penji is only worth the price if you have a constant need for creative assets, otherwise, they’re not the best option if you want value for money. 

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Draftss Review – Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Draftss is an up-and-coming graphic design service that features weekly subscription plans as their unique selling point. Furthermore, their teams can support web & app UI/UX design and development. Clients with projects that have both design and coding requirements will find both fulfilled at Draftss. 

However, the weekly plans certainly add up in costs, especially if you find yourself constantly renewing your subscription. To access the coding services, you’ll also have to fork out more cash for the premium plans. 

Finally, Draftss designers will only process 1 task at a time, unless you opt for their most expensive plan. This results in longer timelines for big projects because it’s required that you wait for 1 design to be approved before moving on to the next one. 

Final Thoughts

DotYeti is a wallet-friendly, efficient and scalable graphic design service that is really a worthy competitor to expensive agencies. You’re getting much better value with DotYeti with the quality of work, and flexibility.

Although I do have some tips for their team! I’d like to see them offer more collaboration features, such as the ability to invite more people from my team to work on a project with their designers. I’d also like to see a drag and drop feature (think Trello) that would be helpful for project managers, like myself, to manage different moving parts and timelines. 

Nevertheless, I was very happy with my DotYeti experience. I would gladly recommend them to my friends and colleagues looking for a hassle-free, affordable, on-demand graphic design team that gets your creative work done at a fraction of the cost you’re used to.