There are various applications that we use in our life. Those applications have different uses and are widely used. Today, we are going to talk about one such application that is widely used. The application we are going to discuss is the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application. This application is used to watch TV channels on your Personal Computer. 

Though the application is extremely helpful, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Today, we are going to discuss every aspect of it so that your doubts get cleared. Let us dive into the topic and see what it is and how it works.

What is the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

digital tv tuner device registration application


We all are fond of watching Cable TV. Using this Digital TV Tuner Registration application, we will be able to watch TV on our PC. The application is a part of the conventional Windows Media Centre. 

The application can be installed easily from the internet. Sometimes, it has been observed that the application scans the PC constantly to look up for any tuners if they are attached to the PC or not. This hampers the speed of the PC and plays a major role in slowing the speed down. Hence, this is one of the vital problems that come along with the Digital TV Tuner Registration Application. 

Another thing that is face is the anti-virus issue along with the slow-speed one. Anti-virus software install on your device will detect it as an issue and will pop your computer with notifications regarding the same. 

The problem is also not relate to any version of Windows. It has been observe on multiple versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Third-party anti-virus software has also informe that the Digital TV Tuner Registration Application is unnecessarily consuming CPU speed. Sometimes, people only activate the application when they want to use and remove it when they do not want it. 

If we think about the security concerns with the application, then the application is completely safe to use and poses no threat to your data. But that is not the only thing, the problem that majorly affects is the performance one that slows the computer. Sometimes, it has been observe that the speed of the computer can be compromise by seventy percent of its total capability. 

Should I Remove This Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application? Why and Why Not?

Well, it all depends on your computer and its capabilities. If it can handle the CPU consumption then it is all fine. Also, it slows your computer down and hangs it to a significant amount, then you need to find the solution. If you want to check how much CPU power is getting consume, you can do it in the following way:

  • To begin with, start by pressing CTRL with ALT and ESC together. This will make sure the task manager gets open. 
  • Next, there will be a dialogue box open. In this dialogue box, there will be a section that will be having its name as the “Processes” tab. 
  • Click on this “Processes” tab and you will be present with various processes that running in the background ensuring complete smoothness to your device.
  • In this process section, there will be a process name “ehprivjob.exe”. If this process is taking too much CPU usage, then you have reasons to worry. This is the same process that is responsible for the higher consumption of CPU by the Digital TV Tuner Registration Application. The abbreviation “eh” in the beginning comes from the term “eHome”. If it is consuming more than 100MB of your memory and consuming more than 10 percent of your total CPU usage, you have to look for immediate measures. 
  • Well, these issues are not face by everyone. These issues are face by some people and hence, you should only think of removing this application if you are facing too much slow down of your computer. 

How to Remove/disable This Digital TV Tuner Registration Application? 

digital tv tuner device registration application


If your PC is getting utilize too much and you feel to remove and no longer require this Digital Tv Tuner Registration Application, then follow the steps mention below to remove the application. 

  • To begin with, you need to go to the Run dialogue box. To reach there, press the Windows key along with R. 
  • This will take you to the Run dialogue box. Inside this Run dialogue box, type the term as mention. 🡪 appwiz.cpl
  • Press the Enter button at the bottom after you have written the above term. 
  • There will be another dialogue box in front. In this box, you need to locate the settings that say “Turn Windows features on or Off”. You need to click on it and expand the menu by pressing the button. In the expand menu, there will be a term call Media Features. 
  • You need to remove all the checkmarks on the checkboxes which are locate next to the Windows Media Player. The computer will ask you to confirm your actions. Click Yes to confirm them.
  • Finally, click on the OK button to close it out.


This way, you have disable the Digital TV Tuner Registration application to run. Whenever you will start your device, this application and the process associate with it will not run again. Whenever you need to watch the telecast which is running on the TV on your device, all you need to do is to turn on this application again. This is all you need to do and it will not hamper the speed of your computer unnecessarily. 

This was all about the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application.  It is a controversial application which, at times, is very useful but sometimes causes issues to our device. We hope that the article has serve its purpose and you have gain enough insights on the topic. The application is useful and we hope that the developers release a stable and secure version very soon. 

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