Web Servers:Different Types Of Servers Explained

Different Types Of Servers

A server is a device that provides various services which other machines request to it for performing certain tasks. Server stores the data and when requested by the client, it provides it. There are a number of different servers available and they all have different purposes.

Today, in this article brought to you by Technographx, we will have a look at Different Types Of Servers so that you can have a clear idea about it.

Application Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: upsite.com

This server occupies a substantial amount of computing region between database servers and the end user. It is used for connecting the two.

FTP Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: techybugz.com

This server works on the FTP (file transfer protocol) and it provides a secure file transfer between computers. There are other ways to improve Data Security which you must know.

Groupware Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: certahosting.co.uk

Users are able to work together, irrespective of the location, through the Internet using this type of server. It is actually a software designed for this purpose.

Audio/Video Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: medium.com

This type of server hosts audio and video content.

Chat Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: youtube.com

The chat server allows real-time discussion capabilities to the users.

Fax Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: efax.com

This server is required for faxing the documents.

IRC Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: hosting.co.uk

The IRC server is an ideal option for those looking for real-time discussion capabilities. It comprises different network servers that enable the users to connect to each other to an IRC network.

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List Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: cfo.com

This server provides a better way of managing mailing lists. It can be either an open interactive discussion for the people. It can also be a one-way list that provides announcements, newsletters or advertising.

Mail Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: besthosting.com

This server transfers and stores emails over corporate networks through LANs, WANs and across the Internet.

News Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: bimcommunity.com

This server serves as a distribution and delivery source for many public newsgroups.

Proxy Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: slideserve.com

Proxy server acts as a mediator between the external server and client program. It filters requests, improves performance and share connections.

Telnet Server 

Different Types Of Servers

Source: wikihow.com

This server enables the users to log on to a host computer and execute tasks as if they are working on a remote computer.

Virtual Servers  

Different Types Of Servers

Source: resq.co.uk

These virtual servers are just like a physical computer because it is committed to an individual customer’s demands.

Web Server  

Source: bluelock.com

This server provides static content to a web browser by loading a file from a disc.

So, here was a brief overview of the different Types Of Servers. If you require a server to host your website then research about the different hosting services available on the internet and select the right one as per your requirements.