Possible Solutions For Fixing Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo

DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

Destiny 2 is a top-rated online multiplayer game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The game was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game has worldwide recognition, and many players love to play this. Currently, many players are facing the issue of DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo while playing the game, and it is very annoying. TechnogrDESTINY 2 Error Code Buffaloaphx has brought this article for explaining to you why this problem arises and what are the possible solutions to it. Let us have a look at them. 

DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

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What Is DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo?

The problem is that you are logged into the game, and so now you are not able to log in again. This is a common issue with online games, and it is very challenging to fix. 

And the worst part is that this error code isn’t just limited to PCs but also shows up on Xbox and Playstation.

Though it is hard to fix this error, there are some very good tips that are provided down below for you to get rid off this issue. 

First, you’ve to understand the specific reason why this error is displaying on the screen, and after that, you need a perfect solution for that. So here we are providing various reasons and also giving answers so that you can resolve this error code. 

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There are many reasons for this error code, which is popping up on your screen. Let’s see what are the reasons:  

1. Server Maintenance 

DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

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One possibility is that this error is happening due to the recent server maintenance or update, and that is why you and other players are unable to play the game. But whenever servers are under maintenance, Bungie always notifies in advance to the clients. 

But if there is no such notification then you can always check the status of the server by the following links: 

2. Packed Servers

Another reason is maybe because of the packed servers. Sometimes, all the servers are busy, and that’s the reason you’re facing a DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

3. Expired Subscriptions

DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

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The PlayStation users only have this reason because their subscription might have expired, and for Xbox users, maybe their Xbox live subscription is expired.

And the solution – Renew the subscription today!!

4. Logged In From Multiple PCs

DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

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If you log in to the game from different PC’s at the same time, then you might have this error. (which is a valid reason!)

5. Battlenet Client Error

Many times the client has a problem in communicating with the server after logging in. Try simply logging in again and again and check whether the error is fix or not. 

DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

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After you know the reason why this error was kept coming on the screen, it’s time to get rid of it. Here we are giving solutions to this vexatious problem: 

1. Continue Trying To Connect

DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

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The first thing you should do is keep on trying to connect. It was also suggest by Bungie that users have to keep on trying to reconnect with the server even before trying any other method!!

2. Delete A Specific File

  • Type % app data% in the Run dialogue box. (press Windows Key + R key combination to open a run dialogue box), then click ‘OK’ to open it.
  • Search for the Bungie folder and open it. 
  • Inside this folder, you’ll find a DestinyPC folder, search and open the Prefs folder, which is inside of it. 
  • You’ll find a cvars.xml file inside that folder, right-click on this file and select delete. 
  • Now, open your Destiny game and check whether the problem is solve or not. 

3. Log Out Of BattleNet And Log In Again

DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

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Sometimes this error can be solve by logging out from the BattleNet and immediately again logging in.  

  • First, open the BattleNet Desktop app.
  • Then click the desktop icon inside the client, which is present at the upper left corner and select logout
  • After you successfully logout, a new window will open. 
  • Fill your login details and log in. 
  • Now again, check if the problem is fix or not. 

4. Use A VPN To Run The Game

Another way you can fix the Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo is by using the VPN. Some players have report that this method help them with logging back in. 

“One thing you should know that close the VPN program after launching the game because after the game is successfully launch, you don’t need this.”

DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

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5. Change The Server To Another Location

Another way to resolve this error is to change the location or region of the Blizzard desktop application. By switching the locations, you may lead to another server; by doing this, some of the error codes get resolve.  Another thing you can do is waiting for the maintenance to end for some time will be a perfect way. 

DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

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You can also close the game, PC launcher, computer and so and restart all of them again. If you have recently log on any platform, then you have to restart it as well.”

DESTINY 2 Error Code Buffalo

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So, these were the various solutions you can try out for fixing the error. You can also look at the forums where the players post their queries as it will help you to get a new solution for this problem. And for more technology news and updates, visit Technographx.