Why More and More Altcoin investors are Rushing to Delta Exchange?

delta exchange

The unprecedented boom in altcoin investment in recent years has unarguably pushed several platforms to go all out in the pursuit of wooing altcoin investors. Although this quest was always going to be a daunting one, few platforms have clearly managed to outshine its peers and become investor’s preferred choice for altcoin investment. While platforms like Bitmex and Deribit’s resounding success on this front is pretty well known, the rise of one particular platform has created a visibly buoyant mood in the investment community. Today the name Delta Exchange may not figure in the list of most popular crypto derivatives exchanges. However, investor’s growing affiliation clearly suggests that it will make a grand entry into this list sooner or later. And this bold assumption precisely brings to us the curious question about what exactly is driving more and more traders towards Delta Exchange.

The only apparent answer and reason that can justify investor’s newfound love for Delta are that the latter has clearly raised the bar of altcoin investment. The great thing is that it chose to follow the unconventional path of simplicity to achieve success in this seemingly challenging mission. In other words, this emerging platform may boost regular and standard features but its features have shown far greater efficiency in enhancing and simplifying altcoin investment. But before we start decoding these features, here is a brief introduction to Delta Exchange.

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delta exchange

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Delta Exchange was founded in 2018 by three financial wizards with an aim to build the most liquid and trusted global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange in the world. Delta is essentially a platform that enables investors globally to trade Ethereum futures, perpetual contracts on bitcoin and other leading altcoins with maximum 100x leverage. To allow ease of trade on these contracts, the platform has painstakingly built an array of proficient features and this precisely brings us to the very theme of this article.

Top Liquidity

We would like to start by shedding some light on the liquidity aspect, which is obviously very critical for the success of any online investment platform. Today Delta Exchange can indeed take conspicuous pride for being among the world’s most liquid crypto derivatives trading platforms. Its deep liquidity and tight spread that lasts all throughout the year has enhanced the accessibility to all the leading altcoins for investors. As a result, investors can participate in leverage trading by investing in their favorite altcoins with absolute ease. The leverage offered by the platform is equally on par with other leading platforms, with maximum 100x leverage available on Bitcoin and 20x on other leading altcoins. Delta Exchange’s leverage advantage also enables investors to employ different strategies, allowing them to take short or long positions on their investments.

Neat Interface & Easy Sign-up Process

Moving to other features, Delta’s deeply rooted investor-friendly philosophy has helped in rendering a platform that practices ‘ease of trade’ in true spirit. From the main trading terminal’s uncluttered and simple interface to mock trading features, the platform’s earnestness in simplifying online crypto investment has surely helped in attracting altcoin investors in great numbers. The altcoin investors seem to be equally smitten by the sheer ease with which they can start trading on the platform. All that the new investors have to do is provide their email id & a few other details and investors can start trading within a fraction of a few minutes.

delta exchange

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Delta has taken the same uncompromising attitude and approach towards safety and security features and altcoin investors have again taken due note of this important fact. And this acknowledgment has only helped the platform in securing more traction from altcoin investors. Today investors seem to have reposed immense faith in Delta’s enterprise-grade security that stores all the cryptos in multi-sig wallets. For enhanced security, Delta also makes sure that withdrawals are processed only once a day after carrying out a thorough manual review.

Stablecoin Settled Futures & Perpetual Swaps

Another factor that has acted as a strong catalyst in the trader’s growing bonhomie with Delta Exchange is the stablecoin feature. Stablecoin or USDC settlement feature is one of Delta’s main USPs or unique propositions as it is amongst the first platform to launch the world’s first stablecoin-settled futures on bitcoin and leading altcoins.