When it comes to buying electronic components, you would want to buy the best. With so many variants within the same electrical components, it becomes very difficult to choose the better. It is not a problem that few suffer from, but most people do. You being one of them makes you a part of the ordeal. Here we are talking about the difference between Cricut maker vs explore air 2.

We can explore the result of this battle of Cricut explore air 2 vs. Cricut maker, by knowing what they are;

What Is Cricut Explore Air 2?

Cricut Maker Vs Explore Air 2

Cricut Explore Air 2 is one of those advanced cutting machines due to technological innovation that can write and cut at double the speed offered by other machines. The technological prowess ranks it above the rest. This beast of a machine can cut over 100 materials right from vinyl, cardstock to thick materials like leather and hard ones like iron. The Cricut explore air 2 dawns the Cut innovative technology, which facilitates cutting items with utmost precision.

The primary specialty of this cutting machine is that its perfect cutting works under the guidance of wireless Bluetooth technology. It helps you connect your phone to the machine with ease and function from a distance. The right side of the machine consists of an intelligent set dial that eases the work of cutting.

What Is Cricut Maker?

Cricut Maker Vs Explore Air 2

Cricut makers can do everything not just Cricut explore air 2 can do but even more when it comes to cutting machines. It flaunts the ability to cut more than 100 materials with quick precision, be it some fabric, delicate creep, or complex items like wood and leather.

Difference Between Cricut Maker and Explore Air 2: Specifications

Cricut Maker Vs Explore Air 2

Now that you have an idea about the distinctive machines, let us look into the differences between the two;

The primary difference Between Cricut Maker And Explore Air 2 is the force of cutting. Cricut maker has 10 times the power than any other member of the Explore air family holds. The cutting force of the Cricut maker stands at 4000 grams against 400 grams provided by Explore air 2. This massive difference in the power output is the primary criteria for one’s superiority over the other. Force determines the quality of powerful tools you can use that include complex materials.

You need to understand that the harder the material is, the more force you require to cut it into pieces. Following is the list of differences in their specifications that will help you develop an idea.

Cricut MakerExplore Air 2
Cricut maker has a cutting force of 4000 gramsExplore air 2 has a cutting force of 400 grams
Adaptive tool system is the technology adopted by Cricut makerConversely, smart set dial dawns the responsibility of Explore air 2’s technological prowess.
it has a max cutting size of 12*24 inches.Explore air 2 also has a cutting size of 12*24 inches.
Cricut maker does not require an adapter for functioning.Explore air 2 needs an adapter for its working abilities.
Uses the software named Cricut design space.Cricut design space is the software Explore air 2 shares with Cricut maker.
Cricut maker has a rotary blade, quick-swap tools as well as knife blade.Explore air 2 has none of the three.
Blue, Rose, Champagne, Lilac, Mint are colors available for this machine.Pink, Mint, Black, Blue, Red, etc are just among a few colors to name.
The circuit maker weighs in at 15.02 poundsExplore air 2 weighs lesser at 14 pounds.

Difference Between Cricut Maker and Explore Air 2: Physical Aspects

Cricut Maker Vs Explore Air 2

Keeping aside the differences in their specifications, Cricut Maker And Explore Air 2 differ in their physical appearances. Let us find out who reigns supreme in this Cricut explore air 2 vs Cricut maker battle of physical specifications.

  • Weight And Color: When it comes to weight, Cricut maker weighs a little heavier at 15.02 pounds than Explore air 2 that stands at 14 pounds. Consequently, in the area of colors, Explore air 2 has diverse varieties of colors and, in all probability, more than the limited colors of Cricut maker.
  • Space For Storage: Both Cricut Maker And Explore Air 2 has way enough space for storing your goods and small items. When comparing both of their storage spaces, Cricut maker has more storage space than Explore air 2.
  • Slot For Cartridges: Cartridges refer to a set of images or materials that need to go for a cut as per your desires. In the earlier times, there were physical Cartridges that you had to connect with your machine externally. Now with the advent of modern technology, machines are on the road to development. Cartridges have a different area for them within the machine. Explore Air 2 has a space for cartridges, but Cricut maker fails in this regard.
  • Software Systems: Software is an integral part of the working of a machine with technological prowess. Smart set dial facilitates the selection of materials you wish to cut. Conversely, the various types of material are not digestible for these chances. The majority of the chances are that your material will see the face of ruins. Thus, you can understand the result from Explore air 2.

On the other hand, Cricut maker uses an Adaptive tool system that makes it 10 times stronger than any of the machines in the Explore family. You have the facility of controlling the direction of its blade and the pressure with which you wish to cut.

  • Docking Station: Coming to a docking station, the Cricut maker dawns on this unique physicality. A docking station lets you dock your iPad or phone on the cutting machine, which eases the connection between your phone and machine. Cricut maker makes this easy with this feature, whereas Explore air 2 does not have a docking station.

Difference Between Cricut Maker and Explore Air 2: Tools You Can Use

Cricut Maker Vs Explore Air 2

Both the machines have a certain set of tools that you can use. Conversely, the tools that you can use in these two machines differ.

Cricut Maker:

The circuit maker tools support any tool that you can think of. If there is no tool left to accommodate in this list, what to question about its superiority?

Explore Air 2:

  • Rotary blade: helps in cutting through any type of fabric.
  • Knife Blade: The knife blade is the stronger blade that helps in cutting, the stronger materials like leather, basswood, balsa, etc.
  • Quick Swap Tools: The aspects of quick-swap tools allow the usage of five tools-
  • Scoring wheel- Facilitates beautiful and edgy folds.
  • Engraving Tip- Helps in engraving diverse types of materials.
  • Debossing Tip- Ensures the creation of beautiful material by pushing it in.
  • Wavy Blade- Adds wavy effects to your design.
  • Perforation Blade- uses tear finish for the creation of materials.

Considering every aspect in this battle of Cricut maker vs Cricut explore air 2, we can easily understand that Circuit maker ranks higher in its abilities than Explore air 2. Cricut maker might be a little expensive, but it is worth the buy.

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