Over time, Coding Bootcamp is increasingly becoming popular, holding on to the promise of upgrading a novice coder to a knowledgeable programmer within months. While they were almost non-existent some years back, technological changes have contributed to an increase in tech Bootcamps. These boot camps vary depending on the education provided, level of experience required for enrolling, and the programming language taught.

With the promise of making a six-figure income after some weeks or months of intensive training is certainly alluring, you should make better choices on what to learn during a Bootcamp. That said, below are some things to learn at a coding Bootcamp.

Website Development

Coding Bootcamp

Website development is among the first fields that Bootcamps devote their time to. By the end of the Bootcamp, you should leverage various web application frameworks to write codes and develop responsive websites. A responsive website should work on all screen sizes and devices, be it smartphones or desktop browsers.

Similar to programming languages, you should choose a straightforward website development framework to learn during the Bootcamp. Based on the programming language you choose to learn, some web frameworks can be built on top of the programming language. Among them, include;

  • Ruby on Rails – a Ruby programming language based website development framework using the model view controller, which is currently the standard framework for building web applications.
  • ExpressJS – this JavaScript web development framework makes it easier to organize and structure applications.
  • Django – A popular web-building framework that uses Python programming language. Like Ruby, it leverages the Model View Controller Pattern. Compared to other Python web development frameworks, Django is popular, with several developers, a large online community, and an endless third-party library.

Besides building a website, you should also be able to redesign an existing website. For most beginners, creating a new website from scratch can be daunting. For this reason, most programmers prefer using a website template that has pre-designed elements. This allows you to insert some responsive designs to the existing template with ease. However, take advantage of the Bootcamp to learn various ways of redesigning the website for better responsiveness.

Create Beginner Applications

Coding Bootcamp

Another way of challenging yourself during a coding boot camp is by learning to create basic applications. This is a great way to gauge and practice your already acquired coding skills. While it can be challenging to come up with new application ideas, you must not work on a complicated app. Think of something simple, such as a planner, calendar, calculator, or an application based on a game that you are well versed with.

To ease the development of these applications, venture into the development of a program that you like. If you feel confident at making quite advanced applications try creating a clone of Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platform.

Note that your beginner application shouldn’t necessarily go live; it’s just a way of showing that you can work on application frameworks, security intricacies, and other essential aspects of application development.

Learn to Develop Databases

Coding Bootcamp

Attending a coding Bootcamp is another excellent opportunity to learn how to build a database. Depending on the minimum skill requirements for the Bootcamp, you can learn various database systems. Postgres is a common relational database system that supports multiple advanced features through the PostGIS database developed from it. It is a powerful, reliable, and scalable SQL. You can also use Mongo and MySQL to build databases for various uses.

User Interface Designs

Coding Bootcamp

Coding Bootcamps that focus on user interface designs and user experience are relatively new but essential for most programmers. You can learn a lot from attending such Bootcamps, such as creating WordPress stock themes, font designs, developing classic icons, splash pages, pricing options page, and landing pages for fictional startups.

Take Advantage of Bootcamps

Without a doubt, getting professional-grade programming skills is rigorous, and there are many skills to learn such as web development, web design, and cybersecurity. Therefore, you should prioritize critical developer skills when choosing a Bootcamp program to attend. By attending Bootcamps aligned to website development, databases, programming languages, and hosting functionality, you learn the coding basics.

Being enrolled in a coding Bootcamp is undoubtedly difficult and highly selective. Besides, the fees are not cheap. Fortunately, most Bootcamps have scholarships and financial aids that help enthusiastic coders. Additionally, graduates from coding Bootcamps significantly benefit after, with an estimated 66% of graduates being absorbed into full-time employment with six-figure incomes not being out of the ordinary.

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