CME Chicago Data Centre – Everything You Need to Know

What is the CME Aurora Data Centre?

CME stands for the data centre CME Aurora Chicago and what this company offers is bespoke and advanced network services for businesses that require little to no ‘lag’ or ‘latency’ when working with high volumes of data.

The CME company specifically, is providing advanced network and data services to enterprises and clients who work in the commerce and financial sectors. These clients process endless amounts of precious data and require reliably low-latency connectivity to handle this data load.  Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group


The CME data centre in Aurora, Chicago particularly boasts a massive facility of 428,000 square feet. This data centre receives its power and electricity from a private generation plant and has many professional and advanced features to improve security and prevent fire and infrastructure damage. 

Meaning, this data centre was built and designed to manage the flow of data traffic without any power cuts, system failures or faults. 

The CME Aurora Chicago is a server and data sharing facility built and designed to heighten and strengthen their clients who need highly competent networks and servers to remain active on the rapid market. CME also manages and operates the data centre facility and is entirely independent, so their clients do not need to maintain or care for the hardware they lease that is so vital to business operations. 

CME’s trump card and golden egg are their low-latency services.  For clients whose computer networks process a high volume of data, low-latency means that there is no delay, ‘lag’ or latency in the network. 

To a client operating on the global market or any enterprise handling immeasurable amounts of data, this is an essential service. Should these clients experience latency in their network it could mean a crash in banking processes, a loss of a high-value sale or an overall drop in daily operations. 

The CME data centre is designed to house all customer equipment that will aid in the efficient and rapid exchange of information and data for clients active on the financial market. While no one wants to have slow internet or network connectivity, CME’s clients are the type who cannot afford to have snags in their connectivity and information processing. 

To these clients, low latency is like a surgeon misplacing a scalpel in an emergency operation or a musician having a broken speaker at a concert. Low latency is something that shouldn’t happen when there is such a high volume of data, as well as extremely high stakes placed on that data being handled and processed quickly. 

Where Are the CME Data Centre and Servers?


Beeks, CME’s parent company, began as a much smaller business providing VPS services from a New Jersey site. Now Beeks (and CME) is a large corporation servicing highly competitive global clients from many different data centre sites. 

The CME Group data centre located in Aurora, IL, is only 35 miles from the CME Group Headquarters in Aurora.

The large facility is over 428,000 square feet and is powered by 2 of its own 138,000-volt power points from 2 separate generation plants that are privately owned and operated for the CME facility.

This large facility houses many servers in order to provide its many customers with premium connectivity and low-latency networks.

From here, CME offers many services using high-quality electronic trading equipment that their clients require. 

What Services Does the CME Data Centre Provide?


Co-location – The CME rents out their servers and data facilities so that clients do not have to fund and build their own servers but can enjoy all the high-quality technology.

There are many benefits to clients who co-locate their data servers and connectivity. Besides outsourcing the maintenance and services of a data company like CME, clients can store information on a separate property and prevent the loss of it should fire or disaster happen to one of their office spaces. Think of it as a safety deposit box at a bank. 

Direct Connectivity – Financial institutions, market traders and other high profile clients have to have quick connections and relay of information. CME data centres offer low-latency connections so clients will never experience lagging or slow data sharing among network users. Using the CME data centre hardware and servers means clients can increase their computing power and avoid any loss or delays in data handling. 

While it’s possible to build high powered computers and servers on-site for businesses, the type of hardware a data centre houses is beyond the competition. 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) – Gone are the days when servers have to be housed near their connected computers and devices. Now computers and network users can connect through ‘cloud sharing’ and other VPS routes. CME data centres offer enterprises high powered and strong servers to work quickly and efficiently for all their staff and clients.   

Unlike an Apple or Google cloud, CME offers a virtual private server, meaning the possibility of leaked classified information is greatly reduced. A VPS also allows clients to manage and authorise how their server locks and stores all information.

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News from the CME Chicago Data Centre Aurora


According to a news article from 2016, CME will eventually sell the Aurora Data Centre to the global operator, CyrusOne. However, CME will still operate and control the data centre as part of a 15-year leaseback deal as part of the CyrusOne sale. 

Despite the sale, CME is still able to provide its clients with the co-location and connectivity services it promised. The sale will allow CME to gain enough capital to expand to further facilities and spaces. 

CyrusOne boasts 33 data centres worldwide and this sale opens opportunities to both companies to enhance their business operations to high profile clients. Where CyrusOne has the capital and reputation, CME has high-quality technology and services. 

This sale should be beneficial to both companies and not renegade on any of CME’s existing clients who use the Aurora Data Centre.