With the increase in the number of online courses available on the web, there’s been a lot of talk on whether online programs can really boost your business skills. It’s true that some e training consists of generic information gathered by people who just want to collect money. But there are a few great resources out there and some of them are even free. Can Online Programs Boost Your Business Skills?

Online programs can help you develop entrepreneurial skills and learn new marketing and leadership strategies. And teach you how to use technology tools in your industry to ensure your company stays relevant in the ever-changing business world.

Let’s check out some of those programs…

1. Effective Leadership

HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) offers an e-learning program on how to apply IT in business. The self-paced course is open to students, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Helping you to start and grow businesses or build successful companies and create jobs.

Can Online Programs Boost Your Business Skills

You’ll discover different leadership approaches and learn to identify which one to use in a variety of situations. Through the face-to-face training and tech tools in the HP LIFE program, you’ll improve and strengthen your leadership skills.

2. Collaborative Remote Working

Many entrepreneurs today want the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. And if that’s also you, the University of Leeds and the Institute Coding offer a program on Future Learn to help you manage your remote team. It’s a great course for anyone who’s internet savvy and wants to increase the use of digital technology in the workplace.

Can Online Programs Boost Your Business Skills

The course explores the benefits and challenges of virtual work environments. How collaborative and project management tools can streamline the operations of your business. You’ll also learn practical planning skills to help you create an effective remote working action plan. Making sure everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal.

3. Online Marketing

In the spirit of shifting to a virtual workplace,  Shopify Compass also offers a step-by-step program on how to bring your business online. Follow self-paced training to reach new audiences across the globe and drive up sales in your e-commerce store.

Can Online Programs Boost Your Business Skills

With this program, you’ll learn how to create effective online marketing strategies, optimize paid advertising, and connect with customers through email marketing. You’ll have the right skills to reach your target market and get your products to your loyal customers.

4. Management & Leadership Training

The 10-lesson Master Class training program helps you develop management skills so you can direct your employees. While also instilling the leadership skills needed to inspire others. People who take this course not only get a better understanding of the operations of a business but also the importance of organized and planned departments in the success of a company.

By combining the basic theories of business with practical management and leadership skills, learners gain the confidence to handle everyday business challenges. You’ll learn how to get the most from your team and some effective strategies to use when hiring, training, and retraining employees. The Master Class program gives you the skills you need to become a great leader.

5. Building a Start-up

Through an introduction to the basics of the Customer Development Process, this Udacity program offers key insights on what’s needed to build a successful start-up. Most new businesses fail because decision-makers don’t test out ideas or products in the real market. To solve this problem, entrepreneurs must learn how to identify customer pain points. And establish companies that solve a particular problem for a market that already exists.

Can Online Programs Boost Your Business Skills

The main idea behind this course is how to maximize customer and marketplace feedback. You’ll learn how to use data from actual consumers to rapidly develop and test out your business ideas or products. Identifying unmet needs so you can create a proper solution and plan a business model with a greater chance of success.

6. Becoming an Entrepreneur

MIT and edX designed the free Becoming an Entrepreneur program to provide a guide on the process of establishing a business. You should take this course if (A) you’re thinking of starting your own business. (B) you own a company but it’s still not where you’d like it to be. Or (C) you’re curious about entrepreneurship.

Can Online Programs Boost Your Business Skills

With this 6-week course, you’ll learn to overcome the top myths of entrepreneurship. Define the goals of your company and identify business opportunities. Plus, the right way to conduct market research for your target market. And some actionable tips on pitching and selling to customers.

7. Write for The Web

A successful entrepreneur must know how to leverage every free resource at their disposal. One such asset is your business website and social media accounts. Taking the Nielsen Norman Group Write Compelling Digital Copy course will teach you how to increase the usability of the content in your digital assets.

Can Online Programs Boost Your Business Skills

Through in-depth interactive online lectures, you’ll understand users’ reading behavior. Identify the best way to layout content so readers can easily find information and take your desired action. And apply the techniques as well as principles taught to an existing web copy to give you a hands-on experience.

Remember: online programs can only do so much to boost your business skills. It’s your application of the theories and strategies to your business which matters. That’s what differentiates a thriving business from a surviving one.

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