5 Excellent Bug Tracking Tools of 2019

Bug Tracking Software

Looking for a good software for tracking the bugs? Then, continue reading the post as Technographx has brought for you some of the best tools for this purpose. You can easily collaborate with the whole team working on the project with these tools.

1) Plutora Test

It is a modern, enterprise test management tool. It supports the complete software testing process across all types of development methodologies.

Bug Tracking Software

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There is a single instance in the tool for all the projects consolidating testing design, planning, manual and automated execution, progress tracking and defect tracking. It helps in improving efficiency in every step of the way. It provides integration for all types of systems and tools such as Selenium and Jira. The tool engages stakeholders and drives the collaboration between teams with analytics, metrics, and reporting capabilities.

The tool is highly customizable adapting to individual teams. It provides a single view across all teams and has the only Quality Tester leaderboard available on the market.

2) Airbrake.io

Bug Tracking Software

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It is the leading bug tracking software available in the market. It provides error tracking for +50,000 developers. The tool allows you to quickly locate the file, method, and line that caused the exception. It identifies the affected browsers, users, URLs, and many more things.


Bug Tracking Software

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You can even dig deeper into it with the backtraces, parameters, and other contextual info. You can even Monitor code quality with error trend graphs, deploy tracking and detailed dashboards.

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3) Backlog

Bug Tracking Software

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It is an online bug tracking and project management software that is developed for development teams. You can report bugs with a full history of issue updates, comments, and status changes. It is easy to find out the reported issues with the filters and search. Along with bug tracking, it is widely used to manage IT projects with features like sub-tasking, Git and SVN repositories, Gantt and burndown charts, Wiki’s, and IP access control.

4) ReQtest

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It is a powerful bug tracking software. It allows Testers and Developers to collaborate on fixing bugs using the “Agile board”.


Bug Tracking Software

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For reporting the bugs, there is a dedicated bug module. There is a facility for importing the bug reports from a CSV file too.


Bug Tracking Software

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A very famous and widely used tool for bug-tracking is the Atlassian JIRA. The tool provides a complete set of recording, reporting, workflow, and other convenience-related features. Agile projects are handled very well in this tool.

Bug Tracking Software

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