Whenever the options of getting yourself that little bit of chill and entertainment revolve around your mind, watching a thrilling anime series is definitely one of them. The rise of the 21st century saw the coming of new forms of entertainment on the platter. Among the variants of movies, serials, or cartoons, Anime has figured on top of the list of popular demands in the last few years. Know the blue exorcist season 3.

These superbly animated stories in the form of series often find their birth through the hands of expert writers from Japan. These stories are released in Japanese only to get an English translation due to their ever-increasing demand and popularity. Such rising demands find a justification in the gripping stories and enthralling action sequences that keep the audience on their toes. 

 One such sensational anime is the famous dark fantasy named Blue Exorcist. Blue exorcist already has its season 1 and season 2 features on the streaming platform. Its story got so popular among anime lovers that they are eagerly waiting for Blue Exorcist season 3.

What Is a Blue Exorcist?

blue exorcist season 3

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Known as Ao No Exorcist in the Japanese version, Blue exorcist is an anime television series based on dark fantasy, adapted from a manga with the same name. The manga series’s creator and illustrator are Kazue Katou, who got his debut publication on 4th April 2009. As a publication, the manga series shot to huge fame and popularity among anime lovers, so much so that A-1 Pictures took the responsibility of casting it as an anime series

The unique aspect of this anime series is that it is completely focused on the original manga source and presents the whole story without deviating a little from the original story. The first season of the Blue Exorcist manga got its on-screen release on 17th April 2011. This release was more than enough to attract and glue the attention of anime lovers.

The viewers loved it so much that the production company soon released quite a few special episodes along with an anime movie between 2011 and 2012. The second season of Blue exorcist came a few years later, on the 7th January 2017, and rode on the popularity already built. Instead of just surviving on the riding popularity, it added more fire to it, thus making the fans crave the third installment. 

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date

blue exorcist season 3

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The previous season named Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga released on 7th January 2017 and continued till 25th March. Later on, two more episodes of Original Video Animation got released under the title Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga OVA on 4th April 2017 and 4th October 2017, respectively. These releases came as a boon, but there was no announcement regarding the release of Blue Exorcist season 3. This got the fans speculating about will there be a season 3 of the Blue Exorcist?

People were expecting blue exorcist season 3 release date 2020; Consequently, as the experts state, Blue exorcist will come back in the form of a third installment, considering the way season 2 ended. There is no specific schedule within which the Blue Exorcist season 3 needs to get a release, but you can expect it somewhere near the middle of 2022 or even as late as January 2023. Conversely, keeping in mind the schedule of the first two seasons, April 2022 seems a real possibility. 

The author said that there might be four more arcs with half of the story already completed. If she is successfully publishing 11 more chapters, you can expect Blue Exorcist season 3 by 2023. 

What Can You Expect As The Plot Of Blue Exorcist Season 3?

Blue Exorcist season 3 is a real possibility because of the availability of sufficient material. The earlier season relied on 9 volumes of manga to get a production. That is a small volume out of the total of 27. The good news is that the manga is still in continuous development. This leaves a lot of material to create Blue exorcist season 3.

Blue Exorcist season 2: Kyoto sage needed a lot of time to get the best out of the production and organic appeal. If the plot of the second season continues, for the third season, you might find Rin and his friends having to stand up against a group named Illuminati, led by Lucifer, who is the king of light. The main objective of the Illuminati is to bring Satan to the point of resurrection and unleash the demons and zombies on the world. The people who already read the manga know that Sabutota Toduo is a member of this group named Illuminati.

In all probability, you would find the Gehenna gate finding its invention in Blue exorcist season 3 that is the door connecting the two worlds. The Illuminati group constructed this gate within the geographical location of the dilapidated Russian nuclear plant. To their utter disgust, they failed to make the engines function.

The only people who could stop them in their evil tracks were the blue exorcists, but even they ended up being unsuccessful. The demons believed that Gehenna and Assiah were both in a single world earlier. Due to certain actions, they got divided. Now the objective of the Illuminati is to bring about a unification of both worlds into a single world. Now they need to undertake various experiments to make this a possibility. Only Rin and his twin brother can stop this evil act from happening. 

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Cast Of Blue Exorcist Season 3

blue exorcist season 3

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As per the speculations around the anime industry and the expert opinion states, the stars of the earlier seasons will reprise their role for Blue exorcist season 3. Jun Fukuyama will return as Yukio and Nobuhiko Okamoto will return as Rin. Consequently, you would find Gou Shinomiya as Masato Chigusa again while witnessing Hiroaki Hirata as Shirou and Nishimura Maya as Ao Houjou. 

Now that you have an idea about Blue Exorcist Season 3, it is understandable that you are eager to release blue exorcist season 3 episode 1 English dub. Hold your nerves for a little longer and be patient as something really good is on its way!.

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