Over the last decade or so there have been huge shifting trends for digital publishers to follow. Back in 2013, it was social media traffic that was a huge deal. However, by 2015 there was a shift towards videos before paywalls became all the rage again. In 2019, podcasts were very much back in vogue. So, it’s a constantly evolving thing and trying to keep a track of the trends can be tricky.

What’s big in 2023? It is predicted that there will be a return to the basics of getting good quality content out there.

Content Marketing

Biggest Trends for Publishers in 2020

Although this is nothing new, as content marketing has remained one of the most important parts of any digital publisher’s strategy for almost 2 decades. Why? Because it has remained one of the most valuable tools businesses have at their disposal. Part of what drives the popularity of digital content as a marketing strategy is how much people dislike ads.

Rather than being overly salesy, modern content that with the help of solid marketing strategies and agencies like Ad-Maven businesses are posting on their websites, blogs and other platforms tackle interesting subjects that engage their audiences while inspiring and crucially, entertaining them.

This looks set to continue throughout 2023.

Focus on Subscribers Rather Than Followers

Biggest Trends for Publishers in 2020

Digital publishers are going to continue using various social media platforms throughout 2023 and for the foreseeable future, but there is going to be a shift in focusing on obtaining subscribers rather than followers. It can be hard to utilize the audience that views and likes a company’s content on Facebook. In fact, many are not sure there is any real value to posting things on social media.

However, the other side of things is that audience member who visits a website and signs up to follow your business comes with a lot of benefits. You can learn more about them, what they like, dislike and keep in contact. When you have subscribers, you don’t need to always be selling things to them.

A Respect for Online Privacy

Biggest Trends for Publishers in 2020

Given how over the last few years, the spotlight has been about digital data protection, it’s unsurprising really that one of the huge trends in 2023 will be for digital publishers to respect user’s online privacy. While the new standards are still relatively new, there are some best practices that publishers need to follow like keeping privacy at the forefront of their mind when they work out their strategy so that they are fully prepared, while at the same time creating useful and valuable content that users will want to connect with, sign up to receive and even be inspired and motivated to shop.

eCommerce Is All Around Us

Biggest Trends for Publishers in 2020

As eCommerce continues to be a force to be reckoned with online, digital publishers will need to continue finding new ways to connect their digital publishing efforts with eCommerce sites. This means looking beyond ads because as we’ve already established, people are sick of them. However, as users are tired of paid-for subscription services, they may not be the best strategy either. Shoppable content might be a viable option, as might free content and branded content too, that attracts customers and encourages them to buy items while they are browsing.

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