3 Excellent Wifi Hacker Apps For Android Without Root

best wifi hacker app for android without root

Many times it happens with us when there are a lot of Wi-Fi networks available. But, none of them are helpful to us because we don’t know the password. There are some very good wifi hacker apps available that you can use for getting the password. Technographx will show you some best wifi hacker apps for android without root for getting the password of the Wi-Fi.


Source: malavida.com

It is the perfect application if you wish to connect to a router that is WPS enabled. When you start its interface, you will be allowed to know all the Wi-Fi networks that are near you and to which can be connected. Then, the app will provide an option for retrieving the password of your chosen network with or without root. The password will then be displayed when the algorithm is implemented. You will be able to connect to the network without any problem now.

Require to know your location for getting all the Wi-Fi networks that are available. Also, this works for both root and non-root devices.

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WPS Connect

Source: malavida.com

The capability of connecting to almost any router that is WPS enabled is provided by this app. You can easily hack most of the routers in the home or any public area as they use the WPS protocol. Uses algorithms such as Zhao and easy box PIN.

Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester

Source: softpedia.com

If you are a novice in the field then it is recommended that you start using this tool for hacking any Wi-Fi password without root. The app helps you to hack any Wi-Fi pin by using a lot of different algorithms such as Arris, Zhao, Dlink, and much more. The app works with non-root devices having the Android version of Lollipop or higher.

It’s easy to use, easily downloadable, and freely available. So, this lets you crack the password in less time due to the ability to implement any algorithm. You need to check the website for malware that uses safe browsing technology.

So, these were the best wifi hacker app for android without root that you can use for getting access to the password of the wifi.