Three Tips to Find the Best Mobile Checkers Game to Enjoy With Kids

Best Mobile Checkers Game

I’ve been playing checkers on my mobile for a while now and it’s a great board game to play with kids. Though there were two particular games that I found to be most interesting, I’ve looked for other checkers apps that can help me take a break from my busy schedule too. There were definitely similar ones and I’ll share this link for you to check it out yourself.

Best 10 Games For Playing Checkers

If you are not sure what to look for when picking your first checkers gaming app, I’ve listed down a few tips which can help you choose from the plenty of apps that are available in store.

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Choose a Game That Helps You Easily Understand The Rules

Best Mobile Checkers Game


If you are a complete beginner and need a version of the game suitable to play with your kids, you might consider choosing a game that has easy-to-follow rules. Though the rules are simpler than chess, you would still need to be strategic and focused if you want to be better at it. 

Certain checkers game gives a refresher before starting a game. This would be in the form of a walk-through guide explaining each rule as you play along or a simple step by step guide providing suggestions as you play along. Some games may also link to certain YouTube videos that can help you learn specific strategies.

Consider Playing Variations of Checkers

Best Mobile Checkers Game


Sometimes, you might get bored playing the same game over and over again. One way to get around this is to look for games that have variations to the original ones. These could include Chinese checkers, Suicide checkers, Canadian checkers and more. Not only does this make it more challenging, but it lets you switch things up too. It’s also a good way to get a better understanding of different rules relating to checkers.

Again, you might need a checkers gaming app that guides you through these different rules. Depending on the variations you choose, some rules may be harder to remember. Therefore, it’s best to look for games that help you easily make references to these rules.

Strive to Become an Expert at Checkers

Best Mobile Checkers Game


Once you’ve got the hang of it, you might consider taking your checkers game to the next level and compete with the experts. In this case, you will need to find a gaming app that lets you play checkers online as it will allow you to easily find master players who will be up for a challenge.

You will also need to practice playing checkers that provides professional tips that are more competitive and advanced. These games typically should help you learn and memorize the formations to help you get better at it.

Certain checkers app help to provide assistance in the form of visuals and guided tutorials. Most professional checkers games also provide professional tips and tricks that you can use when competing with the master players. These could include setting traps, making the best use of the corners and efficiently using your pieces to create a chain of double jumping.

Nevertheless, through practice and by following tutorials and videos on YouTube, you can be all set to compete with master players around the world.


Checkers has been a longstanding game that has passed through several generations. However, with the advent of mobile technology, it has found its way to smartphones through apps. Several checkers gaming apps have been developed suited for different ages and level of expertise. While some games let you compete online, there are certain games that are perfect for playing with your kids at home too. With the above tips in mind, I hope you find a game that matches your needs.