10 Best Gaming Keyboards: Have Smooth and Win Worthy Play-Time

best gaming keyboard

Being a gamer is not as easy as people think! You have to take care of many things, from getting the best software and hardware to classic accessories for an amazing experience. I won’t get shocked if you are confused about the best gaming keyboard to buy. 

With hundreds of options, available anyone can get puzzled. So isn’t there any solution? No matter what you are planning to get, be it a PC, mouse, or keyboard, you should always keep in mind the features that are considered standard ones (or what you want). 

A keyboard is one of the biggest attachments your desktop will have! Also, it is going to be the most touch or noticed item of your setup. Upgrading a keyboard will attract the attention of many, that’s not the case in the CPU. 

Whether you are a gamer or a writer, the keyboard is going to play a vital role in your work, in terms of its outlook as well as functions. A smooth keyboard will boost you to play and type more in a go. 

This article is about finding the best keyboard for gaming (that will work for normal usage as well). Similar to this one we have:

P.S: I just realized how fond I am of gaming accessories. (Haha!)

Motivation for you: The game doesn’t end with failure, it’s just the starting point. Get all the best accessories along with the experience, and see who’s the king, soldier, assassin, ruler, etc. A gamer is someone who enjoys living many lives in existing life.

Best Gaming Keyboards (2021 Edition)

1. HyperX Alloy Origins

Source: rtings.com

Key Rollover: 100% anti-ghosting and NKRO

Switch Type: Mechanical switch

Build Quality: Aircraft-grade aluminum body

Customization: RGB lighting with HyperX Ngenuity software

Lifespan: At least 80 million keystrokes

The HyperX alloy origins come in two different types of keyboards full and tenkeyless. The sleek, and ultra-stylish model of this mechanical gaming keyboard give the best of experience while playing. It is compact, detachable, and comes with a C-type cable. You can also save the customization of the lighting and craft macros.

2. Corsair K100 RGB 

Source: amazon.com

Key Rollover: Anti-ghosting and 6KRO

Switch Type: Mechanical switch

Build Quality: durable aluminum frame with PBT plastic

Customization: 44 RGB backlighting with extra macros

Lifespan: 150 million keystrokes

The Corsair K100 keyboard comes in two different switch options optical and Cherry Mx. if you are looking for the speed and hours of non-stop gaming the cherry will be the best. However, if your need isn’t that high go for the optical-mechanical keyboard (the company’s homegrown). The keycaps have sweet dimples on them providing rest to the fingers while typing which makes it a cozy choice for many gamers. 

3. Logitech G915 TKL

Source: amazon.com

Key Rollover: N-Key Rollover

Switch Type: Mechanical switch

Build Quality: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with durable plastic (underneath)

Customization: RGB lighting with extra macros

Lifespan: 60 million keystrokes

The Logitech G915 is a wireless and tenkeyless keyboard. It can run for 40 hours non-stop with a one 4-hour charging time. It has mechanical GL switches providing speed and performance at a short height from traditional keys. You will get three GL styles in Logitech G915: tactile, clicky, and linear.

4. Asus’ ROG Strix Scope

Source: amazon.com

Key Rollover: Anti-ghosting and NKRO

Switch Type: Mechanical switch

Build Quality: Aluminum top plate

Customization: RGB backlighting with NO extra macros

Lifespan: 100 million keystrokes

Just like the company’s gaming laptops, the keyboards have also become the favorite among gamers. It has a 2x wider CTRL key for precision in FPS games. It is a TKL or tenkeyless gaming keyboard with three different style options in Cherry Mx namely, brown switches, red switches, and the special electro-punk edition. It is durable and compact enough to carry around in a bag.

The best function Asus’ ROG Strix Scope has to offer is the F12 switch. It is assigned for stealth function, so you can hide all your mischief from elder people with just one click (including audio).

5. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro 

Source: amazon.com

Key Rollover: Anti-ghosting and NKRO

Switch Type: Mechanical switch

Build Quality: Military-grade metal top plate with Doubleshot ABS keycaps

Customization: RGB backlighting 

Lifespan: Up to 80 million keystrokes

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is one of the most demanded gaming keyboards. It has a wide and premium wrist rest area which makes it comfortable as well. The biggest con of this keyboard is the no macros to assign additional tasks while playing. Also, the RGB is too software dependent. Other than that, this wireless beast is robust enough to let you through the whole day gaming experience.

6. Razer Huntsman Elite

Source: amazon.com

Key Rollover: Anti-ghosting and 10KRO

Switch Type: Mechanical switch

Build Quality: Aluminum top frame with a matte covering

Customization: Built-in under glow lighting with macro support

Lifespan: 100 million keystrokes

Again one of the best selling gaming peripherals on the list, this time it is Razer Huntsman Elite. Just like the name, it is Elite in every sense. It has Razer optical switches that work at light speed and gives a satisfying clicky feel. The ergonomic wrist rest is made of plush leatherette to give premium comfort. This full-size wireless gaming keyboard has two switch options to offer, one is optical (comes in purple) and the other is linear (comes in red). The linear switch keyboard is too sensitive and fast, which results in typos many times.

7. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT

Source: amazon.com

Key Rollover: 100% Anti-ghosting and NKRO

Switch Type: Mechanical switch

Build Quality: Anodized brushed aluminum frame with double-shot PBT keycaps

Customization: Per-key RGB backlighting and 6 macros keys

Lifespan: 100 million keystrokes

The Corsair’s K95 Platinum XT is the younger sibling of above K100. No doubt there’s a huge difference between both of them, not in looks but because of features. The K100 is the latest edition hence it comes with extra smart technology

As for K95, it is a mechanical gaming keyboard with Cherry Mx Speed Silver RGB switches that give ultra-fast actuation. It has six macro keys to assign whatever task you wish. You can also remap the other keys with the special streaming commands using Elgato Stream Deck software.

8. SteelSeries Apex Pro

Source: amazon.com

Key Rollover: Anti-ghosting and N-Key Rollover

Switch Type: Mechanical switch

Build Quality: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy

Customization: RGB Illumination

Lifespan: 100 million keystrokes

The SteelSeries apex pro is manufactured keeping all the gamers in mind. Many of us like to play in a dark room, hence the backlit switches and USB port. Gamers do take rest but there only and sometimes we feel like having continuous sessions, for that there is detachable magnetic wrist rest.

Other than that, you can do the customization of the actuation distance from 0.4 to 3.6 millimeters with OmniPoint adjustable switches. It has OLED smart display and built-in media control keys.

9. Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB (Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard)

Source: amazon.com

Key Rollover: Anti-ghosting and N-KRO

Switch Type: Mechanical switch

Build Quality: Strong and durable material

Customization: 10 customizable RGB lighting effects with macros

Lifespan: 50 million keystrokes

The image and name themselves say a lot about this keyboard. This is one of the best split mechanical gaming keyboards one can opt for, and also it is one of kind on the list too. As for its features, you will be glad to know that even though it is two small keyboards it provides macro keys.

The main aim of a split keyboard is to provide comfort and access for a smooth gaming experience. It comes with cushioned wrist rest and full onboard programmability. Cherry MX switches are installed for the speed and durability of the keyboard. It can be your gaming pad for hours of streaming and a full-size keyboard for typing.

10. Razer Cynosa V2

Source: amazon.com

Key Rollover: Anti-ghosting and N-KRO

Switch Type: Mechanical switch

Build Quality: durable material

Customization: RGB backlighting with programmable macros

Lifespan: 80 million keystrokes

Whether your need is typing or the best gaming experience Razer Cynsca V2 is an exceptional option. It has fully programmable macros and you can easily remap the existing keys and even executes the complex command (one of the best features it presents).

The construction of the keyboard is strong and durable and is also spill-resistant. The key caps are cushioned and comfortable for hours of gaming and non-stop typing. The backlit keyboard has 16.8 million colors that you can change manually with the Razer Hypershift. Not to forget, it also offers media controls on the top-right corner of the gaming keyboard.

Razer Cynosa V2 is another best selling gaming keyboard on Amazon. As you saw there are three different options from the Razer brand, it is because of the features it provides. Every tech has a brand that aces in its production Razer and Corsair are one of them.

Above mentioned gaming keyboards are the ones that you can buy blindly. They will 100% result and are upto the mark. However, if you are looking for few more options, below I have mentioned additional five best keyboards for gaming and writing sessions.

  1. Hexgears Impulse
  2. Logitech K840
  3. Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768
  4. Patriot Viper V765
  5. Cooler Master CK552

Note: Even these five options are some of the best gaming keyboards for 2021 that will help you in growing as a professional gamer or even typist.

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What Should You Look For While Shopping For Gaming Keyboard?

Source: cnn.com

Buying a keyboard is not that hard, but buying a gaming keyboard surely has its own challenges. Here I am giving off the buying guide that will help you in selecting the best gaming keyboards available in the market.

1. Key Rollover

You might have faced the stuck keyboard while typing too fast, this is because of the low key rollover rate. In other words, it is also known as ghosting. You should always check the key rollover or anti-ghosting feature in gaming keyboards, the more keystrokes it can register at a time the better option it is for you.

This will help you in playing games at a competitive level without worrying about getting stuck. Now you can either get the 6KRO (Key Rollover) or NKRO (N-Key Rollover) both are fine for gaming and typing sessions.

6KRO, 6-Key Rollover provides enough keystrokes, it is the minimum for both gamers and typists. NKRO, N-Key Rollover can register every keystroke without any disturbance. So if you are planning to play for hours, NKRO will be best for you.

2. Switches

Switches are also an important part of the keyboard. They are the one that registers the keystroke. Till now, you might have ignored checking its types (if you are a newbie), but after KRO, a switch type and quality should be the second thing you check.

There are two different types of switches: Membrane and Mechanical. The difference is in its working as well as price. 

First, let’s see what are membrane switches? Membrane switches have a rubber dome around them, have a soft bump (or can be linear), and has a lifetime of 1 to 5 million keystrokes. As for pricing, you can get it between $30 to $100.

Now, what are mechanical switches? The keyboard where you hear loud noise while typing has mechanical switches. It has either a linear keypress feel or a tactical (clicky bump), with different colored keys, and has a lifespan of more than 50 million keystrokes. You will get this type of keyboard in the range of $80 to $200.

If you are with the typing noise as loud as waking everyone at night, then go for a mechanical one. To be honest, I would personally recommend a mechanical keyboard, it gives you great output in terms of lifespan as well as keystrokes.

3. Macros and Customization

Do you know – You can customize keyboard keys and assign them for the task you want to do? Yes, that’s true. This process is called customization. The keyboard is installed with software that you can use to record and change its functioning to make the gaming experience smooth with a single tap.

Some gaming keyboards come with macro keys, which are unassigned. You can assign them a specific task like launching Steam, Discord, or any other platforms designed for gamers. Other than this you can also use them to add the game-specific presets or start the cooldown combo.

4. Build Quality 

Another important feature is the quality of the keyboard – in a physical sense. No matter how high-class features you get in the keyboard but if the physical quality is low, it won’t even last for six months. So while buying a gaming keyboard make sure to check the build quality.

Most of the gaming keyboards are built to last forever, hence they are made keeping durability in mind. In high-end keyboards, you will find metal back plating and ultra-durable plastic. Gamers can sometimes be very expressive, like throwing it. The best option is to go for the ABS plastic or metal keyboard.

5. Price

“You get what you pay for!” A common saying for pricing. However, it is not always necessary that high-priced items will be good enough for you. Always check the features first. You can get keyboards in the range of $30 to $200. Also, an additional feature like backlighting adds more cost and value to the gaming keyboard.

Final Statement of Gaming Keyboards:

What are you thinking about? The options mentioned in the best gaming keyboard for 2021 list is truly the ideal one for the hardcore gamers. There are some things that need to be updated and durable, keyboard is one of them. Along with it the looks also matters as it is going to lay there on the desk catching everyone’s attention.

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