4 Best Educational Apps For Children In 2019

best educational apps for kids

Wanting to give a fun time to your children along with education? Then, just have a look at the below-given best educational apps for kids brought to you by Technographx. It will provide both fun and knowledge to the children.  Let us have a look at them.

Intro To Geography: World Edition

best educational apps for kids

Source: para.today

This game puts the world at your fingertips. The app provides simple activities, repetitions, and puzzles and helps your child to learn quicker. The app helps your child to learn the locations, names, and flags of different countries around the world.

The activities in the app are challenging not only kids but for adults too. After completing each challenge, you are provided with a stamp for putting in your virtual passport. You can replay different challenges and can also move on to a new continent with a whole new set of countries. This app is available on iOS for 4.99$.

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Faces IMake

best educational apps for kids

Source: applenapps.com

This app is created by educator, book author, and artist Hanoch Piven. This quirky app lets your child build any picture that they can dream of. Your child can choose from different interesting graphics to make the best picture that they have dreamt of.

There is also a new section provided that is filled with nature-inspired images. An option to play the music is also provided so that your little one can sit back and relax and can also learn the art and creativity. The rate of this app is 2.99$ and it is available on iOS.


best educational apps for kids

Source: tinybop.com

This app is created by THIX and it lets you create your very own solar system. The app has realistic and incredible graphics which will make you love what you do in it. You will get a lot of fun to see how the objects interact with each other. This app is also available on iOS for 2.99$. You can also try the VR apps for kids that are available on the play store and app store.

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Monkey Word School Adventure

best educational apps for kids

Source: amazon.com

This app is available on both iOS and Android for 1.99$. This app teaches spellings, letters, and phonics to the children so it is a kind of educational app. The cool part of the game is the jungle-themed animation that makes the app feel more like a regular game.