4 Best Anonymous Browsers For Android In 2019

<>Privacy is very crucial in this digital world. In the desktop browsers, the Privacy options have been a thing for a long time now. The “Incognito Mode” was launched for the purpose of maintaining privacy only. For many people, the “Incognito mode” isn’t enough, they want total privacy from the moment they open their Android browser. There are a number of apps available which are tailored specifically for the most secure experience. Today, Technographx has brought for you Best Anonymous Browsers For Android that you can use to keep your surfing private. Let us have a look at them.

1) Firefox Focus


Most of you might have used Firefox or heard its name as it is a big name in the browser game. It is a very popular standard Android web browser. Firefox Focus is the version which focuses completely on privacy. The browser gives you the ability to allow which trackers are blocked or allowed. For example, you can keep social media trackers for easy sharing. Not many browsers provide you this option. It has another very useful feature called the “Erase button” which provides you the ability of clearing your session with a single tap of a button.

2) InBrowser


InBrowser is one of the most popular privacy browsers with excellent features. It also has a tabbed navigation system for ease of use. There is a facility for in-app video so no need to worry about another less secure app. It features agent cloaking which means that you can make websites think that you are visiting from different browsers like Chrome or Firefox. It has a clean and easy to use UI.

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3) Ghostery


Ghostery is a privacy browser having some interesting features that other similar browsers don’t have. This makes it a compelling choice for private web-browsing on Android. The main feature that the browser brings to the table is its ability to show which exact trackers are present on any given website. They have one of the largest databases dedicated to trackers.

4 ) Javelin


It is another browser which has an interesting feature of protecting the app with a password. This feature isn’t really available elsewhere. Apart from this feature, Javelin offers the same kind of features that other anonymous browsing apps offer. It erases all data after quitting the app. So, these were the best anonymous browsers for Android that provide you a secured browsing experience. Install any of the above apps on your phone and start browsing on it to maintain the privacy!