The Reliable Writer: 5 Awesome Tips to Become One

reliable writer

Writing has been essential to our daily living. It has given us many contributions to society’s development and has made a deeper understanding of our culture. It encompasses many fields to be applied to history, sociology, arts, and literature. Even in academia and other institutions, they always give importance to writing. Get awesome tips to become reliable writer.

Now that the world is at a standstill, many people turn to write for a feasible job. Indeed, online content writing has its differences from traditional writing to those mentioned above. And yes, online writing can be a lucrative profession if done the right way. It can also be a way to get permanently shunned by blog owners and website owners if done the wrong way. 

To help you get started on your new career path, you should have the right mindset of delivering content that not only helps blog owners gain visitors but one that aims to help your audience with any queries on their minds. Here are some tips to consider to become a smarter and a better writer. 

The audience matters


By being aware of who your readers are, you will become smarter on your word choices and paragraph structures. If your readers are children, then it should have a lighter tone and an uncomplicated vocabulary. 

On the other hand, if your readers are professionals, your work should have a formal and technical diction and sentence construction. By knowing your audience, you can also tailor-fit your topics to their liking, leading to more visits and conversions for the blog or website that decides to publish your work.

Have the right tools


Aside from the audience, you also have to have the right tools before you start writing. Most of the time, people think that content writing for online sources is an easy thing. The first thing they do is open up a word processing program and type whatever is on their mind. That’s the wrong outlook, which will certainly waste your time. 

To prevent such a disaster from happening, you need to have the right tools at your disposal. First off, a lot of content writers use Google Docs as their go-to word processing tool. Google Docs is easy to use and, best of all, free. 

Next, you need to focus on guidelines. One of these guidelines involves characters. It would help if you had a tool that can do a proper character count. Meta-titles, subheads, headlines, and other important stuff regarding your articles might need a specific character count, so having a tool that does the job can be handy.

To get content published, you should also make sure that it’s free from any grammar errors. Grammarly is a popular tool in the writing community that helps spot and fixes such errors. Remember, an article that’s rife with grammar errors is unprofessional and has zero chance to get published online. 

Lastly, you have to come up with articles that are 100% original. Although you might borrow ideas from other sources, it’s always nice to acknowledge them by putting citations in your writing. 

Aside from giving credit where it’s due, you should also use a plagiarism checker. Google and other search engines hate plagiarism and are the sole reason they won’t rank a plagiarized work high in its SERP or search results page. Using a tool like Copyscape ensures that you’ll have original content, ready for publishing.

Read a lot


Good writers are good readers. The best way to quickly enhance your writing skills and to be good at it is to read. The benefits of reading will help you a lot in capturing ideas, researching data, framing your writing, and enhancing your vocabulary. 

Words are the blood of writing. If you don’t read, you can still write, but can’t possibly write “well.” There will be no life and substance in it. Search for useful writing resources now like novels, magazines, newspapers, or any substantial reading materials and start reading.

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Let others read and criticize


Good writers also seek help from others by letting them criticize your work. Any feedback, whether good or bad, matters. Their insights from their perspective might give you more inputs for the improvement of what you are writing. Take those criticisms as building blocks for better writing output.

Continue Writing!


There’s no way a writer becomes good in writing right away after finishing just a few pieces. Your first few outputs could be good, but there’s no guarantee the next ones will be as good as the previous ones. Practice makes perfect! You can write now and then or daily, and always accompanied by reading. Just write anything.

Make a career out of writing


Writing can be an excellent way to pay the bills during this time of need. However, it would help if you did the job correctly to have any chance of reaping a bountiful reward. The tips mentioned above will help you get started and eventually turn you into a reliable online content writer. Remember, practice makes perfect, so get started!