Importance of Backup Internet For Business

Backup Internet For Business

The internet is now the backbone of many businesses and organizations. From processing paperwork to taking orders, the internet has massively shifted how people do things. 

Unfortunately, losing the internet during a business operation is not the same as experiencing a network outage at home. It could cost you a lot of money, clients, and even your business. 

But by having a second internet connection, you can keep your business online even if your primary connection goes down. This can be the difference between a minor setback and a major catastrophe. Here are some of the reasons why you should have backup internet for business.

Downtime Is Costly


For businesses, every second counts. When the internet goes down, so does your business if you don’t have a backup internet. This can cost you money in lost productivity, missed sales opportunities, and unhappy customers. In some cases, it could even mean losing clients or going out of business entirely. 

According to a study conducted by CA Technologies, small businesses lose more than $55,000 per year, while large businesses lose up to a whopping $1,000,000 every year due to internet outages. This alone says a lot about investing in backup internet for your business.

Clients Look for Reliability


In this day and age, customers have come to expect a certain level of reliability from businesses. They want to know that you’re always there for them, whether they need to purchase something from you or just have a quick question. If your business website is down, or worse, if your whole business is down, they’re not going to be happy.

In fact, a study by Zendesk found that 80% of customers would switch to a competitor after just one bad experience. This means that if your business is down, you could very well lose customers for good. You can’t afford to take chances.

Outages Are Unpredictable


Even if you’re with a reliable internet service provider, outages can and do happen. While many internet providers announce scheduled internet downtimes, there are still instances where your internet suddenly goes down without notice.

Whether it’s due to weather, construction, or equipment failure, there is any number of things that could take your internet down. And since you can’t control when or how these things happen, the best you can do is be prepared for them.

Work Stress Is Reduced


When you have backup internet, you don’t have to worry about things going wrong. This can lead to a reduction in work stress for you and your employees. And when everyone is less stressed, they’re able to be more productive. This is yet another reason why having backup internet is so important for businesses.

Better Customer Service Means Better Sales


If your business is down, you’re not able to provide customers with the level of service they expect, leading to lost sales and unhappy clients. But if you have backup internet, you can continue to provide excellent customer service, even during an outage. This could be the difference between a one-time customer and a lifelong loyal client.

Data Security Is Guaranteed


Nowadays, data security is more important than ever. With the rise of cybercrime, businesses need to be extra careful about how they protect their data. If your business is down, you’re not able to access your data or keep it safe. But if you have backup internet, you can continue to monitor and protect your data, even during an outage.

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How to Choose a Reliable Backup Internet Provider


Now that you know the importance of having backup internet for your business, you need to choose a reliable internet provider. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a backup internet provider:

  • Make sure the provider has a good reputation. You don’t want to be working with a company that has a history of outages and poor customer service. There are websites that track real-time network outages, so you might want to look into that first.
  • Ask if they offer 24/7 customer support. This way, if something does go wrong, you can rest assured that someone will be there to help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible. It would be frustrating to deal with automated responses during the most crucial time for your business. 
  • Check for reviews online.  This is a great way to get an idea of what other people are saying about the company.
  • Get a recommendation from someone you trust in the industry. If they had a good experience with a particular provider, that’s a good sign.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying the importance of having backup internet for your business. With your entire business at stake, you can’t afford to take any chances. Choosing a reliable backup internet provider is vital to ensuring that your business can stay up and running, even during an outage.