Excellent Backup And Restore Android Apps For Easy Data Backup

backup and restore Android apps

Looking for some backup apps that can help you take a backup of your phone’s data? Then, have a look at these backup and restore Android apps brought to you by Technographx. These apps will properly backup all your important data so don’t worry and just use them.

Autosync By MetaCtrl

backup and restore Android apps

Source: apkedge.com

Autosync is a series of backup apps. All the apps are available for Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and MEGA as separate apps. The app lets you backup files automatically. The files get sync both ways. So, if you upload any file to Drive, Autosync for Drive will put it on your device and vice versa.

The premium version of this app includes support for files larger than 10MB, no ads, passcode setting, improved support options and multiple folders syncing support.

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App Backup By Buggy_Apps

backup and restore Android apps

Source: cbsistatic.com

It is actually a decent backup app for applications. The app can copy APK files to your internal storage or cloud storage as you need. These APKs are actual and they get installed perfectly fine. You can also see the package name, share the APKs, the app version and date installed. The price of the app is 1.99$.

Backup Your Mobile

backup and restore Android apps

Source: fonpit.de

It is another great app for backup. It is a very simple app and doesn’t have that many features in it. It provides all the basic features needed for perfectly backing up your data. You can take the backup of apps, system settings, SMS, MMS, and call logs. It is having a fair UI making the navigation in the app very simple.

Easier Backup

backup and restore Android apps

Source: inlovewithandroid.com

This app is another great one for backup and it perfectly follows its name in providing the services. This app backs up your contacts. The app works offline and also includes support for VFC. It quickly exports the data to basically whatever you want. This includes email, pc or cloud storage. There is support provided for 15 languages too. It is quite simple to use so you won’t have any trouble using it.

So, these were the top backup and restore Android apps that you can use when you want to back up the vital data.