Augmented Reality 2018: The Next Generation Technology Aims To Change Lives

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Mobile has become an integral part of the business. A company without a mobile-optimized solution certainly loses a significant proportion of clients. The app market growing heavily because of the competition they are facing today. Augmented reality is one such new technology 2018 app that continues to develop and become more pervasive among a wide range of applications. Since its conception, technology firms and marketers have had to battle the perception that augmented reality is little more than a marketing tool and is considered a next-generation technology.  

However, there is evidence that customers are beginning to derive numerous benefits from this functionality and also expect it as their part of the shopping process. Even some early adopters in the retail sector have developed technologies designed to enhance the purchasing experience.

Introduction To AR

By assimilating augmented reality into catalog apps, stores let consumers visualize how different products would look like in different environments. For furniture buying purposes also it can be used, for example, the shoppers point the camera to the correct room and the product appears in the foreground.

The other sector where the augmented reality can play a crucial role is the healthcare sector. It can help the user by enabling them to see highly detailed, 3D images of different body systems when they hover their mobile over a target image. Medical professionals using AR and can prove a learning tool for them and can use throughout their training.

Some experts also suggest that wearable devices could be an astounding achievement for the augmented reality. The difference between smartphones and tablets is they tend to show a tiny portion of the users’ landscape and smart eyewear. If it wants to become the mainstream success then it can provide a complete nexus between real and virtual realms.

Looking at the popularity and the benefits of the AR  the following are major industries using it:-


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AR is a new technology adopted by many companies wishing to combine elements of online and print advertising whilst offering an interactive experience. Brands can place trackers in print catalogs, movie posters, packaging, or products to trigger AR effects.

Retail brands are a prime example of receiving instant benefits of AR provides to businesses. For example, IKEA customers can now take pictures of their own homes. Then use the AR app to position the 3D models.


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It is known for the smooth game experience, especially Pokemon Go. AR gaming essentially integrates game audio and visual content with the user’s environment in real-time. Using AR games as another branding experience for the users.


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Simply studying the textbooks and learning from youtube is not enough to stimulate young digital native minds. AR offers a new and totally different experience of transferring information.

Educators can create their own learning environment using different software. Monitor student performance, and share and collaborate with different teachers, students, and content providers.

There are some industries where AR technology has completely changed the default ways.