Best Ways to Attract Vendors to Your Marketplace

Attract Vendors to Your Marketplace

Gone are the days of mindless efforts, choose something that’s at your fingertips, worth your time, and money, and exudes innovation. In this blog we will go through some best ways to attract vendors to your marketplace.

The world is truly revolving at the intersection of talent, technology, and thriving growth. Everything is at your fingertips and that’s the kinda growth style & technology – the startups, mid-sized and flourishing marketplaces look forward to.

In this internet-forward world, online marketplaces are great, wherein sellers do find that they pay a high price to market on marketplaces.

Unclear? Say it for an example – Fiverr, a very famous digital marketing platform takes a percentage of cut-off any sale/or tip that a seller makes. If that particular customer buys a $200 article, the seller is sure to make $180. The same strategy is followed by many such globally revered marketplaces, you will be using on day-to-day platforms.

Mentioning attracting vendors to your marketplace, you can do it with the help of the followings;

1. Network, Network, Network!

Attract Vendors to Your Marketplace


By showcasing the right segment of services, the ball will be in your game. 

Networking is the only way to viralize your marketplace. Certainly, if it gets viral, it can potentially power the marketplace with the right set of audience and clarifies the objective. 

With the relevant data, emailers, cold calling activities, social media enhancements, marketing collaterals, engaging newsletters, public relations, using online and offline modes of marketing and communication, influencer marketing can viral your marketplace, we swear on this! 

2. A Trusted Mobile Development Company

Attract Vendors to Your Marketplace


Enterprises, Business, Consumers – Understand what do you wish to attract with this globally revered Mobile Development Company – RubyGarage.

This mobile development company ships experience screens, which translate into the success of your business and ensure flawless operations and customer engagement with their highly experienced and certified mobile app developers. They create a channel of multiple ecosystems for maximum impact for the end-to-end users.

In the last many years, they’ve doubled ROIs with dynamic, user-friendly android applications development services, iOS application development, react native app development and AR app development services. 

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3. Minimal Design, Maximum Results

When we talk about design and results, UX/UI plays a major role here. Design your marketplace with less negative space and apt content for both – buyers and sellers. If the seller has to go through a certain amount of challenges for selling their particular services, the marketplace isn’t worth it at all.

So choose simplicity over everything and that’s why we would recommend you go for RubyGarage – A trusted software development and consulting company in Europe, dealing nationally & internationally! 

Be it marketplaces, finance apps, mobile solutions for IoT, and a lot more, RubyGarage creates applications of any complexity for B2B and B2C. They excel at clear communication, efficient project management, consistent delivery, scaling on demand, flawless onboarding, and clarity in business objectives and decisions based on relevant and accurate data. 

4. Advertise More & More

Attract Vendors to Your Marketplace


Keep a good marketing budget and invest more in tech-cellent followings; 

  • Website
  • Dynamic & responsiveness 
  • Trending mobile application wherein you can truly rely on RubyGarage – The top and trusted mobile development company, dealing globally!
  • Classic ads in magazines, newspapers, and TV
  • Billboard ads
  • Offline-Guerrilla-Marketing
  • Radio commercial
  • Video ads

5. Free Is the Way Ahead!

Keep sellers at a profit to sky-high your goals. Provide some services for free and your desired target audience will elevate your growth. Adopting a few habits like staying humble and truly encouraging sellers will eventually lay the breathing foundation for your marketplace. 

6. The Co-Founding Privilege

Attract Vendors to Your Marketplace


Make sellers your co-founders. Even if they’ve less to say in your functionalities, Whether your sellers have any real say in how your marketplace functions, make them feel like they are co-founders of your marketplace. 

Feature them on mobile apps, and provide properly planned incentives for your top & best-performing sellers with the mobile apps development company. Doing such will truly motivate sellers to stay in sync with your platform and hence they will work their best for acquiring these incentives & who else will miss the free time-to-time profits.

In reality, sellers are your main target audience. Understanding their pain points will help you play with your enhancement pointers as well. Organize meetings, and training sessions for them, and respect their ideas – doing so will help your platform with a real-time boost, for the now & coming years for your marketplace. 

Concludingly, marketplaces truly work better with a clear plan, a trusted mobile apps development company, concrete action, and a holistic approach for buyers and sellers.