Whenever discussions concerning entertainment in modern times come to the forefront, the world of visual entertainment holds a good position. Among all the forms of visual entertainment today like the cartoon, movies, serials, series, etc., anime emerged to be a top choice among the viewers. Everyone loves to watch anime these days, from kids to teenagers, because of their gripping stories and thrilling action sequences. Let’s see Astra lost in space season 2.

There are numerous anime series that are attracting the interest of the viewers online. Astra lost in space, gained huge popularity among the anime addicts, one of the most famous anime in the list of famous ones. Its storyline and the moments of intrigue and suspense thrilled the viewers to the core. 

Ever since the first season of Astra lost in space ended, fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of Astra lost in space anime season 2. Consequently, the primary question that revolved around the minds of anime lovers was, will Astra Lost in space get season 2?

What Is Astra Lost In Space?

astra lost in space season 2

The Astra lost in space is a science fiction anime authored by Kenta Shinohara, who won many awards for this manga story. In Japanese, Astra Lost in Space is also known as Kanata No Astra that got the announcement for its first instalment back on 5th February 2019.

Originally, this series was released on Tokyo Mx, AT-X, KBS, TVA, BS11, and Sun on 3rd July 2019. Later it also got its release on Hulu and got a sanction from Funimation. Lerche Studio is the production company behind the airing of this series. 

Recap Of The Story In The First Season Of Astra Lost In Space

astra lost in space season 2

The storyline started in 2061 when space travel was up for easy development and commercial availability for the normal masses. In between such a scenario, a school named Caird High school organized a planet camping event.

The dilemma occurs when class 5B of the school presents itself for the event, and a sudden beam of light squeezes 9 students into 5012 light-years away. On reaching, the students found a dilapidated and unmanned aircraft nearby the site they landed.

They have to show great strength and conviction to survive hard times with their limited resources. Staying together and supporting each other in the deep darkness is their ultimate goal. Only when they manage to survive the darkness they would be on the path for a slow return to the Astra. 

Will Astra Lost In Space Get Season 2?

astra lost in space season 2

The fans are eagerly waiting for the second instalment of Astra lost in space. The first season of Astra lost in space got an amazing viewership that showed immense popularity among the anime fans. It went on to receive a rating of 8.15 on the MyAnimeList.

After getting released on Netflix, it made its way at the receiving end of critical acclaim from all around the globe. Consequently, the main concern here is the lack of resources material, as the experts claim. Despite the immense popularity among the masses and such a high rating, the Astra lost in space anime season 2 might not find itself on the streaming platforms.

After this anime series written by Kenta Shinohara got published in the magazine named Shonen Jump+, the series aired from May 2016 to December 2017. This manga has a total of 5 volumes and is also available in English translation from Japanese.

The manga finds a complete adaptation in the Anime series of Astra lost in space season 1, which completes the main story. Recently, there has been no development on a new manga that can provide enough resource material for Astra lost in space season 2.

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Astra Lost In Space Season 2 Release Date

astra lost in space season 2

The primary problem here is the resource material, as you can very well understand. The only hope remains if the author Kenta Shinohara works towards developing a story that fits perfectly in continuation with the first instalment. Even if he begins writing a new manga now, you cannot expect it to release anytime before 2023.

 The main point to focus on here is that it has been more than 4 years since the first instalment was released. The first and the only season had a story that seemed to have a perfect ending for the experts and the viewers. Considering everything as a situation, the second instalment of Astra Lost In Space seems a real impossibility.

For all the Astra lost in space fans there, this is a piece of depressing news, as expected. The chances are grim, as emphasized earlier. If you are someone who still keeps the hope of getting Astra lost in space season 2, pray that the author comes up with a new story and the developers and production team give it a portrayal on the streaming platforms.

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