Artificial Intelligence i.e AI has come a long way since 1959, but it’s just recently that we have started to find some real-world applications.

We probably were aware of artificial intelligence-based applications like Netflix, Spotify, and Siri. You might have heard of the robots that play chess, poker but that’s nothing compared to what you are going to read next.

AI can be used to deliver an end-to-end result in the retail industry. It helps from personalizing promotion to inventory management. Other applications of artificial intelligence are explored in this Technographxs article.

Let’s find out which other sectors it serves in:

1) Healthcare:

applications of artificial intelligence

AI along with machine learning helps the healthcare industry specifically because it generates a lot of data and enables the algorithm to spot patterns faster. The diagnosis of patients and drug suggestion for medication thus becomes easy with AI.

This requires attracting specialists who work with programming languages such as Python. After that, created machine learning models for your healthcare application can be deployed by Flask developers

2) Cybersecurity:

applications of artificial intelligence

AI constantly analyzes the network packet. It is aware of over 102,000 patterns and maps out normal traffic.

Automatic exploit generation determines a software bug which may hinder the security of data. The automated signature generation can predict the likelihood of cyber attacks.

3) Recruiting Automation:

applications of artificial intelligence

AI-powered sourcing tools help to find out the right candidate for the job which in past might have been filtered out. The filtering might be because they were not surfaced in the right place.

4) Finance:

applications of artificial intelligence

Fraudulent transactions are easily detected by AI in financial services. With this, we can improve real-time approval accuracy, and reduce false declines.

AI can be used in the financial sector to analyze brand sentiment from social media platforms and provide actionable advice.

5) Manufacturing:

applications of artificial intelligence

Incorporating AI in tools helps in predicting malfunctions and equipment breakdown. AI algorithms can enhance the supply chain in manufacturing by detecting patterns of demand for products.

6) Smart conversational Interfaces:

applications of artificial intelligence

Chatbots are always on, delivering smart and flexible analytics. It delivers interfaces through conversations on mobile, devices using standard messaging tools. Such applications can be used at hotels,  to provide concierge services.

7) Retail:

applications of artificial intelligence

AI helps in analyzing the footprints left behind by the online shoppers. Their preferences, spending habits, and preferred channels everything is taken care of. AI helps to bring curated shopping journeys.

AI does marvelous things in the information and technology industry. It can help in building the best artificial intelligence apps. We should surely observe all the positive things that it can do for humans. We need to concentrate more on development needs while focusing on sustainability.

A deeper understanding of AI will help you take better decisions.

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